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With tellers (or in English: main dish) starting of just 4,50€, this Arabic place in Sonneallee is a must. Falafel, Makali, Kibbeh, hummus and more are waiting for you with free wifi and great staff.

Eat Berlin: Our Favorite Food Spots in Berlin

Berlin is filled with great options to drink and eat, but the trick is to avoid the tourist traps that comes along when you choose to go to one of the most visited capitals in Europe. This post will give you a list of places you must go when you want to eat and drink in Berlin in style without ruining your budget.

What to do in Cebu, Oslob and Mactan Island in the Phillipines with Fotostrasse

What to do in Cebu, Oslob and Mactan Island in the Phillipines

After Manila, my second destination in the Philippines was the island of Cebu. To me more specific: Cebu City, Mactan Island and the amazing Oslob, home of the whale sharks.

David Bowie's Berlin - a tour of Bowie's Berlin years with Fotostrasse

David Bowie's Berlin - a tour of Bowie's Berlin years

After the news we had to wake up to today, I’ve decided to write this article. I’ll be presenting you David Bowie’s Berlin. His house, his studio, his favorite bars and some super useful information you’ll find in this guide. All with addresses, maps and photos.

The fact that something like Blub Berlin exists in the middle of Neukölln came to us a surprise. We already visited a few abandoned places in Berlin but we never explored anything so easy to enter and close to the city.

Where to take pictures in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the one of the most visited city in Europe with almost 7 million tourists arriving in the city every year. The old streets, the canals, the bikes, the incredible museums and amazing parks are very appealing for everyone interested in doing an Eurotrip.

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Where did David Bowie live in Berlin?

During the seventies, Berlin was a city scarred by a war and by a wall the split it in half. This was the city where David Bowie and Iggy Pop decided to live, trying to escape the drug culture of Los Angeles. But where did David Bowie live in Berlin? During the time...

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A trip to Cataratas do Iguassu in Brazil

When we speak about natural beauty, Brazil is one of the champions and we all know that. A living proof of why Brazil hold this title is the incredible set of waterfalls on the border of Argentina and Brazil called Cataratas do Iguassu. I personally think that...

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Urban Exploration In Berlin with Fotostrasse

A Visit to an Abandoned Boat in the Spree River

You’ve probably seen an abandoned boat in the Spree river. It lays quiet between the Molecule Man sculpture and Badeschiff and it has been there since 1996, when German bureaucracy showed Franz Günther Van de Lücht, the owner of the boat, that his dreams of cruising...

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Berlin Ghost Stations: Potsdamer Platz 1989

When you watch the movie below about one of Berlin ghost stations, it’s hard to imagine that this place is Potsdamer Platz. Today, it’s one of the most visited subway stations in the german capital but, if you go back in time just a little bit, things were a little...

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The Abandoned Freibad Lichtenberg Pool

No swimming is allowed at the Freibad Lichtenberg since it was closed down in the late 1980’s. Some say it was the end of the Berlin Wall but who knows for sure? Today you can visit it and think about better times for this abandoned pool in the middle of Lichtenberg....

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