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Prenzlauer Berg in 1993 with Hannes Stöhr

If you are looking to travel back in time to Prenzlauer Berg in 1993, this short movie from Hannes Stöhr might be one of the best ways to go there. A short trip back into a neighborhood that was still, somewhat, divided between East and West Berlin. Called El Pistolero, this is a spontaneous short movie shot on the rare Super 8 black and white film. Directed by Hannes Stöhr, famous for Berlin Calling and One Day in Europe, during the early nineties. This movie is, according to the director, horribly shot and edited. When you watch it, you will agree...

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Best areas to stay in Berlin

The best hotels to stay in Berlin plus a comprehensive guide of Berlin's prime areas divided in neighborhoods    Welcome to Fotostrasse’s comprehensive guide to the best areas to stay in Berlin, the best hotels and more. All the hotels and hostels we’ll show you here have been personally chosen and tested by us or our friends to ensure you’ll have a great time. We want to avoid traps, you know? Nothing worse than coming to a cool city like Berlin and having a bad experience with the place we are staying. This can ruin the whole trip....

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Polish Market Hohenwutzen: A true guide to the biggest polenmarkt on the border with Germany

We went to the biggest Polish Market on the border with Germany Marcela went there, did videos, photos, played with cats and was told not to film ; In a lazy and cloudy Saturday afternoon in Berlin, my boyfriend and I decided to go to the Polish Market that we always see on ads everywhere on the M10 and M4 trams here in Prenzlauer Berg. Hohenwutzen Polenmarkt is the biggest polish market on the border with Germany and a shuttle bus from Berlin to there cost only 5 euros each way. Hohenwutzen Polish Market: What? Where? How? Why? This...

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What to do in Berlin with Tulio – Going Local in Berlin

I am Tulio and I’m here to give you tips on what to do in Berlin. I am originally from the middle of nowhere in the heart of Brazil. A place I call the “Texas of Brazil” given its backward mentality. I have lived all over, but Nothern California and São Paulo were the two places I lived the longest after I left my hometown. I studied Law, but that obviously was not for me. So I moved to Cali where I went to grad school for Marketing and Strategy. Got hired out of Business School from a giant...

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Berlin from Above: The Amazing View from the Park Inn Hotel Alexanderplatz Viewing Platform

—What if I told you that the best place to see Berlin from above is not the on the huge TV Tower in the middle of Alexanderplatz? It might sound weird at first but it makes a lot of sense after you think about it. Do you want to take pictures of Berlin with its main tourist spot in there right? So, you need to go somewhere where the TV Tower can be seen. Somewhere as tall as the tower but way less crowded. That place exists and it is the Park Inn Hotel Alexanderplatz Viewing Platform and I...

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Going Local in Berlin with Mike Savage

I met Mike Savage back in late 2013 at his first job here in Berlin. I remember talking to him about weird bands, beer and about all the cool places he was discovering around Berlin. A few months later he moved on to another job but we kept in touch and, right now, he is the friend that Fotostrasse calls whenever we are going to do some Urban Exploration! When we started thinking about the concept behind Going Local, he was the first person that came to our heads. He knows Berlin better than most berliners and this is why...

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Going Local in Berlin with Chris

Going Local is a series of interview we are doing with people living and exploring Berlin. Our idea is to show how Berlin can be such a different city from person to person and to get some tips from places that we should know but we don’t. This is our goal with Going Local in Berlin and Chris was the first person that came into my head when we started thinking about this series of interviews. Chris was born in Spandau and lived there for quite a while until he moved to Schöneberg and realized that his mixed origins...

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Free things to do in Berlin

You maybe heard the phrase The best things in life are free and you probably think that Berlin is the best city in the world, right? Well, we thought it would be fun to combine the two in one post. This is a compilation of free things to do in Berlin that you can do at any time, any day and during any season! Well, most of the activities are available 365 days/year, but a few are seasonal. It makes most sense to visit Berlin at least 4 times: one time for the free things to do in the Spring, another time...

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