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Folsom Berlin: a narrative from a straight girl

Everything you need to know about Folsom Berlin by the eyes of a straight cis female, but useful for the rest of the colorful spectrum of genders and sexuality    Folsom Berlin is a BDSM and Leather street fair that happens every year in Berlin. Since 2003 loads of people, gays, and straights, men and women, trans and cis, get together in the neighboorhood of Schöneberg to celebrate this non-profit leather festival that originated in San Francisco. Nowadays, it is the most significant gay fetish event in the whole continent together with another fantastic event, the BLF or...

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Best areas to stay in Berlin

The best hotels to stay in Berlin plus a comprehensive guide of Berlin's prime areas divided in neighborhoods    Welcome to Fotostrasse’s comprehensive guide to the best areas to stay in Berlin, the best hotels and more. All the hotels and hostels we’ll show you here have been personally chosen and tested by us or our friends to ensure you’ll have a great time. We want to avoid traps, you know? Nothing worse than coming to a cool city like Berlin and having a bad experience with the place we are staying. This can ruin the whole trip....

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Rüya Gemüse Kebab is the Best Chicken Döner in Berlin

Rüya is one of many hidden secrets that Berlin keeps at plain sight. I have been in front of this diner kebab imbiss in Schöneberg too many times to count but I finally visited the place in late September 2017, and now I know why so many people consider it to have the best chicken döner in Berlin. Rüya can be found on Haupstraße, close to where David Bowie used to live in Berlin, and needs to be visited by more people since its döner is delicious. But most people that visit Berlin will continue to make the mistake...

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52 Places to See in Berlin: One for each week of the year

A few weeks ago I went to a bookstore to protect me from the rain that was getting intense. Inside there was an entire section with books about Berlin. Most of them with the same places to see in Berlin. Most of these places are common sense for travelers. Everybody knows them, and most of the books there didn’t even try to give any good reason to visit them. While I was browsing through these books, I realized that I have been to a lot of different places in Berlin and that, maybe, I should just write down my...

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The Haus: Turning a soon to be demolished Bank into a Temporary Gallery for Street Art

The Haus is Berlin’s newest attraction, and it can only be described as one of these things that only happen in the German Capital. We say this because over 150 artists were invited to turn a disused bank into a temporary gallery for street art. Every room becomes a piece of art, and there are paintings, tags, sculptures and graffiti spread over five floors. But… Everything will only last until demolition day. We arrived at The Haus on a windy Saturday afternoon. The first thing we saw was a large H on the side of a building. The second...

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Where did David Bowie live in Berlin?

During the seventies, Berlin was a city scarred by a war and by a wall the split it in half. This was the city where David Bowie and Iggy Pop decided to live, trying to escape the drug culture of Los Angeles. But where did David Bowie live in Berlin? During the time of singles like Golden Years and Fame, David Bowie was living on the commercial success of his Thin White Duke period. But he wasn’t happy. His behavior was growing erratic and he blamed his drug addiction. And he wanted to change his life, he wanted to...

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David Bowie’s Warsaw: How Warszawa Came to Be

Most people are aware of David Bowie’s relationship with Berlin due to his Berlin trilogy. But it’s not everybody that knows about David Bowie’s Warsaw story. This is the story I want to tell you since Fotostrasse visited Warsaw and discovered a lot about why and how the polish capital stuck with Bowie. It stuck enough to have its name on a song from of his best albums. If you listen to his album Low, you know about Warszawa, one of his most beautiful instrumental songs and one of my favorite songs from him. I going to try to...

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Berlin Bunkers: Abandoned Air Shelters around the German Capital

Berlin Bunkers Abandoned Air Shelters around the German Capital ? Berlin is a city that still carries scars from a war that ended more than seventy years ago. You can see it on the walls of some old buildings and on all the air shelters that still exist today. Berlin Bunkers are everywhere and we’re going to talk about some of them below. Bunkers are technically known as Air Raid Shelters and they were were built with the functionality of protecting people from enemy air raids. Some of them were pre-existing place like subway stations, tunnels or basements. In...

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