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David Bowie Berlin Concert 1987: The Glass Spider Tour in front of the Reichstag

When David Bowie died, in early 2016, we were not surprised to read a tweet from the German Foreign Office mentioning how he helped bring down the Berlin Wall. We read it and started looking for a David Bowie Berlin Concert so we could see him in action. One of the first items we found was the Glass Spider Tour of 1987 that became legendary for a lot of reasons. Some say it was the worst tour Bowie ever did. Below we’re going to explain you this concert in Berlin. In June 1987, David Bowie performed in front of...

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Where did David Bowie live in Berlin?

During the seventies, Berlin was a city scarred by a war and by a wall the split it in half. This was the city where David Bowie and Iggy Pop decided to live, trying to escape the drug culture of Los Angeles. But where did David Bowie live in Berlin? During the time of singles like Golden Years and Fame, David Bowie was living on the commercial success of his Thin White Duke period. But he wasn’t happy. His behavior was growing erratic and he blamed his drug addiction. And he wanted to change his life, he wanted to...

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David Bowie’s Warsaw: How Warszawa Came to Be

Most people are aware of David Bowie’s relationship with Berlin due to his Berlin trilogy. But it’s not everybody that knows about David Bowie’s Warsaw story. This is the story I want to tell you since Fotostrasse visited Warsaw and discovered a lot about why and how the polish capital stuck with Bowie. It stuck enough to have its name on a song from of his best albums. If you listen to his album Low, you know about Warszawa, one of his most beautiful instrumental songs and one of my favorite songs from him. I going to try to...

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David Bowie’s Berlin – a tour of Bowie’s Berlin years

David Bowie's Berlin a tour of Bowie's Berlin years ; After the news we had to wake up to today, I’ve decided to write this article. I’ll be presenting you David Bowie’s Berlin. His house, his studio, his favourite bars and some super useful information you’ll find in this guide. All with addresses, maps and photos. Browse through what David Bowie used to do in Berlin. Hansa Studios David Bowie’s Apartment in Berlin Where Bowie used to hang out Paris Bar Where are we now? Neuköln His Memorial Plaque in Schöneberg In the three years David Bowie lived in...

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Nick Cave in Berlin: Stranger in a Strange Land

During the years where Nick Cave was living in Berlin, back in the 1980’s, he was filmed for a Dutch documentary called Stranger in a Strange Land. Produced by Bram van Splunteren for the Dutch TV channel VPRO, you get a glimpse of the life of Nick Cave in Berlin even though some parts of the movie are voice-over in dutch. But you don’t need to worry about it, all the interviews with Nick Cave are in English. Stranger in a Strange Land is a Dutch short documentary about Nick Cave in Berlin that also includes his friends and...

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Best areas to stay in Berlin

The best hotels to stay in Berlin plus a comprehensive guide of Berlin's prime areas divided in neighborhoods    Welcome to Fotostrasse’s comprehensive guide to the best areas to stay in Berlin, the best hotels and more. All the hotels and hostels we’ll show you here have been personally chosen and tested by us or our friends to ensure you’ll have a great time. We want to avoid traps, you know? Nothing worse than coming to a cool city like Berlin and having a bad experience with the place we are staying. This can ruin the whole trip....

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Rüya Gemüse Kebab is the Best Chicken Döner in Berlin

Rüya is one of many hidden secrets that Berlin keeps at plain sight. I have been in front of this diner kebab imbiss in Schöneberg too many times to count but I finally visited the place in late September 2017, and now I know why so many people consider it to have the best chicken döner in Berlin. Rüya can be found on Haupstraße, close to where David Bowie used to live in Berlin, and needs to be visited by more people since its döner is delicious. But most people that visit Berlin will continue to make the mistake...

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52 Places to See in Berlin: One for each week of the year

A few weeks ago I went to a bookstore to protect me from the rain that was getting intense. Inside there was an entire section with books about Berlin. Most of them with the same places to see in Berlin. Most of these places are common sense for travelers. Everybody knows them, and most of the books there didn’t even try to give any good reason to visit them. While I was browsing through these books, I realized that I have been to a lot of different places in Berlin and that, maybe, I should just write down my...

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