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Rixdorf: discovering the Heart of Neukölln

When we moved to Berlin, back in march 2012, we didn’t know much about Neukölln but this is where we manage to find an apartment. Little did we know we would fall in love with the area. One of the first things we decided to do once we were set up was to walk around the neighborhood exploring what we would call home. This was how we discovered Rixdorf, a part of old Berlin in the middle of Neukölln. We even did our second Fotostrasse meeting there back in march 2013 as you can see from the pictures on this...

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Best areas to stay in Berlin

The best hotels to stay in Berlin plus a comprehensive guide of Berlin's prime areas divided in neighborhoods    Welcome to Fotostrasse’s comprehensive guide to the best areas to stay in Berlin, the best hotels and more. All the hotels and hostels we’ll show you here have been personally chosen and tested by us or our friends to ensure you’ll have a great time. We want to avoid traps, you know? Nothing worse than coming to a cool city like Berlin and having a bad experience with the place we are staying. This can ruin the whole trip....

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Popraci Neukolln 2017: When we pushed rolls of Hay around Neukölln dressed with Black Metal war paint

Neukölln is a weird place in Berlin. At first glance, the neighborhood looks like a clash of cultures or, maybe, the future of Germany. But, in the back streets, you can find a glimpse of the past, and this is called Popraci, a hay roll race that has been happening for ten years yet most people don’t even know it exists. Fotostrasse got together with a few friends and put a team to race in this year Popraci Neukolln 2017, and here you can read everything about it. We have been following Popraci in Neukölln for a couple of...

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52 Places to See in Berlin: One for each week of the year

A few weeks ago I went to a bookstore to protect me from the rain that was getting intense. Inside there was an entire section with books about Berlin. Most of them with the same places to see in Berlin. Most of these places are common sense for travelers. Everybody knows them, and most of the books there didn’t even try to give any good reason to visit them. While I was browsing through these books, I realized that I have been to a lot of different places in Berlin and that, maybe, I should just write down my...

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A Visit to the beautiful Körnerpark in Neukölln

Generations of Berliners have been to Körnerpark, enjoying themselves in this oasis of peace in the midst of a hectic Neukölln. People go there to play football, to run, walk, relax, picnic and we do it too. In 2016, this Neukölln hidden gem celebrates its 100th year birthday and we are here to show you all why you need to go there and sing happy birthday to it. We found out about Körnerpark on the first few weeks after we moved to Neukölln, back in 2012. We saw a green rectangle on the map close to our house and decided...

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Berlin’s Toughest Race: Popraci in Neukölln

Popráci aka Rixdorfer Strohballenrollen A straw ball rolling race in the middle of Neukölln ; It has been happening in early September for almost a decade yet most people don’t even know it exists. We are talking about Popraci, Berlin’s toughest race, where you have to roll huge straw bale rolls around Rixdorf as fast as you can. Yes, this is for real and we were there to tell you how cool it really is. On September 12, 2015, we were in the middle of Rixdorf to see what could be only described as something really weird. Weird because...

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We Love Neukölln

We love Neukölln since we moved here in spring 2012. From that point on, our love for this neighborhood only grew and now it is pretty hard for us to imagine living anywhere else in Berlin. It is even crazy to think that, before we moved here, we knew nothing about this neighborhood. And I can still remember some of our friends telling us how dangerous Neukölln is and that you should never go south of Hermannplatz. They were wrong. They were so wrong. Feel like spending a few days Neukölln? You need to stay at the amazing Hüttenpalast...

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Bierfabrik: Brewing Beers in Marzahn

When it comes to beers, we like to try different things. We like to try something that you cannot find in the supermarket or the spots here in Berlin. This is why we always go to beer events and this is how we managed to find a way to visit the guys at Bierfabrik here in Berlin. We met the guys from Bierfabrik during Braufest Berlin 2015 and loved their beers and we knew more people needed to know about them. When people think about beers, the country that comes to their heads is Germany. Normally, they picture these...

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