No swimming is allowed at the Freibad Lichtenberg since it was closed down in the late 1980’s. Some say it was the end of the Berlin Wall but who knows for sure? Today you can visit it and think about better times for this abandoned pool in the middle of Lichtenberg.

The pool was built in 1928 and a addition to the neighboring BVG-Stadion, that was built a couple of years before in 1920. From what I read, the Freibad Lichtenberg was even used by foreign swimmers to train for the 1936 Berlin Olympics and this put some of the pictures here into a weird perspective.

After the Second World War, there was no swimming there for a while. Freibad Lichtenberg was closed until the 1970’s when it became one of the many public pools in East-Berlin. If you are wondering why a public pool was closed down for so long, you need to know that Nazi Germany anti-aircraft forces were stationed there in the end of the war. Also, the place was being used as a munitions storage facility and, I’m pretty sure, bombs rained down around the place where this abandoned pool stands today in Berlin.

After the German Reunification, there was some restoration work being done in the area and it was there that they found more than 5 tons of munitions and a 250 kilo bomb that must have been dropped from a airplane. Can you imagine knowing that during all those years, there were bombs close to where East Berliners were having fun?

After the war, the BVG Stadion became the home of the newly formed SV Berliner VG 49 sports club. They still exist today and they do a mix of football, handball, athletics, bowling, volleyball and many more. They don’t use the place anymore but nobody seems to use the place anymore. But it can’t be bulldozer as well. It happens because the tribune from the stadium is on the list of Lichtenberg Monuments.

Freibad Lichtenberg

If you want to visit the Freibad Lichtenberg and its abandoned pool, you might need to take a tram all the way up there, take a bike or do like I did the first time I was there and just walk to the place. It’s pretty easy to find it, you can see the pool from the street and nobody cared about me taking pictures of the place. It’s a really easy place to start doing some urban exploration. Bring a friend with you, a camera and some beers and you are set for the day.

The Abandoned Freibad Lichtenberg Pool

Siegfriedstraße 71, 10365 Berlin