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Everything you need to know to work with Fotostrasse

Hello Hello! Fotostrasse is a travel blog focused on bringing cool people to different places.

It’s written by Marcela Faé and Felipe Tofani, 2 Brazilian friends living in Berlin surrounded by three crazy cats.

Fotostrasse started as a photography project with a goal to inspire people from all over the world that live in Berlin to get to know the city in a better way. Soon it got bigger and, nowadays, we are traveling around the world.

First things first, Let’s talk about our numbers…

Fotostrasse started as a photography meet up in early 2013 and as a blog in January 2014, since then, we had a steady and healthy growth. During the month of oct 2017, Fotostrasse had over 51k unique visitors. In average, those visitors browse through our content for 70 seconds, and one-quarter of them come back for more! Most of our audience is from the United States, UK, and Germany. With some consistent numbers from Finland, Netherlands, and Brazil. And, the majority of them are between 24 and 35 years of age.

Fotostrasse on Social Media

Social Media is always important for us and, below, you can see our stats on some channels. (last updated October ’17)

facebookFacebook is our main channel when it comes to social media and we have over 10.000 fans over there. Be one of them!
instagram We love Instagram and we have been using our early days. There, we have over 15.000 followers, loads of engagement and our #fotostrasse is used quite a lot. Also worth to mention that we still mantainour private accounts @marcelafae and @ftrc, so the numbers are even higher.
twitter Twitter is great and we are there too with over 7.000 followers. Both Felipe and Marcela have accounts there and use it to spread the word about Fotostrasse.
google-plus We are also on Google Plus and we have more than 100.000 views.
pinterest Pinterest is where we save ideas and show where we have been. You should follow us there.
foursquare Everywhere that we go, we like to use Foursquare to share the best things to do there. You should try it!

You can trust Fotostrasse

Since 2014, we have worked with a lot of people and brands. When it comes to tourism boards, we have worked with Poznan, Turku, Umeå, Helsinki, Berlin, EspooÅland, Porvoo, Bucharest, Puglia, Dresden, Vienna and Finland. We have also worked with Finnair, Canon, GoEuro, Scandic Hotels, Viking Line, Bierfabrik, Radisson Blu, InterContinental Hotels, HI Hostel Internationals, Momondo, Herrankukkaro, Helsingin Sanomat, TimeTravels, Eventur Bucharest, Telekom Romenia, Hüttenpalast,  Sokos Hotel, Matka Fair, Innastus, Berlinica.

Where have we been


Some of the ways we can work together

Fotostrasse is open for many forms of collaboration and here is a list of some of the things we can do together.

  • Sponsored Posts
  • Press Trip
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Photography Assignment
  • Social Media Management/Takeover
  • Freelance Writing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Hotel Review
  • Photo Products Review
  • Travel Product Review
  • Web Advertising
  • Travel Blog Consulting
  • Online Photography classes
  • Personalize Itineraries for your trip
  • Much more…

So feel free to shoot an e-mail to hello@1982.us, talk to Marcela and pitch your ideas. We can’t wait to hear from you! 🙂