Author: Fabiolla Loureiro

Why Paris is my favorite city: and plenty reasons why you should go

Have you ever asked yourself why some places feels like home to you? That easy going feeling that whenever you step foot on it, home it’s. If you follow Fotostrasse and have read some of my articles you already know that I love to travel and get to know different cultures, people, scents, food, habits, music, drinking, etc. But there is always one place that grab you by the heart, and makes you never wanting leave it again. That kind of place that moves you…and for me, this place is Paris, my favorite city in this huge world. The...

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Blue is the Warmest Color – A Trip to Zakynthos

Whenever I think about Greece, the first thing that comes to my mind is that amazing deep blue sea and the white little houses on top of the mountain. I remember before traveling there, Greece seemed to me a country far away, like it only existed in the mythological legends. But for our happiness, it’s real, affordable, and it’s there for everyone who loves amazing islands, marvelous food, parties, great drinking and welcoming people. A country that, despite recently economic problems, it’s one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been. Also known as Hellas since the old days...

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Sao Paulo Food Street Markets: from gourmet to healthy foods

Everybody loves to eat right? But not everybody likes to cook. But one thing is for sure, here in São Paulo I would say that every person goes to the food street markets. I can easily say that it’s a habit people LOVE to do. To wake up (especially on weekends) and plan your visit to one of the more than 800 street markets in São Paulo feels like a walk in the park. In January of this year, São Paulo completed (officially) one hundred years of food street markets and here you will find the best food street...

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Why Traveling Alone Feels So Good

The first time I went abroad I was traveling alone. My itinerary consisted in three countries during 25 days: Spain, Portugal and Morocco. I must say, for a person who was never outside Brazil it was quite something (Africa??). And I confess that until then my experience in traveling had been so far mostly in beaches, so, just picture it. Three things have always followed me since I know myself as a person: my will to know the world (my curiosity is bigger than myself); the word impossible does not make part of my dictionary and; the fact that I...

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The Most Haunted Places in São Paulo

The Most Haunted Places in São Paulo Sometimes the real world is even more scary than fiction  São Paulo is famous for many things, and one of them is for having specific places that are haunted. SURPRISINGLY, I was not aware that most of them are in São Paulo downtown, right here where I live. Spooky right? Well, I don’t know about you, but I believe in ghosts, poltergeists, specters, spirits, everything. I confess that took me a little longer to write this new article. Whenever I decided to write a bit more, my mind became slow and...

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Vila Madalena: the coolest neighborhood in São Paulo

Back in São Paulo, BR, l decided to write an article about the coolest neighborhood in São Paulo: Vila Madalena (something that can be translated as Magdalena’s Village). The so called place to be in São Paulo it’s not only a bohemian area of bars, but also, a resident place with lots of shops, restaurants, art galleries, street art, antique fairs, etc. And for that, I had the help of a dear friend, Fernanda Tavares, which besides been a resident there, was also born and lived there most of her life. With such great material gotten from a local,...

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Inside the Sex Machines Museum in Prague

Previously I’ve spoken about one of the most visited sites in Prague, Charles Bridge. And today I’ll speak again about a very interesting place right in the middle of Old Town Square, again, in Prague: the Sex Machines Museum. Interesting because: it’s about sex machines, about sex, it’s a museum of sex. Well, because all that and a little bit more. For those who like the subject, here it goes a different article… Early ages… Since the beginning of times, sex has always been a theme of everyone’s interest. For good or bad, ignorance or wisdom, sex has always...

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