Author: Felipe Tofani

Soviet War Memorial on Schönholzer Heide

While most people will be familiar with the Soviet War Memorial at Treptow and Tiergarten, hardly any tourists find themselves visiting the Soviet War Memorial in the Schönholzer Heide. This is such a pitty because the memorial is beautiful. The project for the memorial came up right after the war since Stalin wanted mark its contribution to the downfall of Fascism in Europe and the defeat of Germany. And it wasn’t until 1947 that the construction began and it took until 1949 for this Memorial to be completed. In 2011, it was closed for renovations and, after a little over 2 years...

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Europa Center in the 60’s

[three_fourth_last]Europa Center is a shopping mall built in Berlin in 1965. Located next to Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, this building would become a symbol of West-Berlin and its history. What is the Europa Center? Located on the Breitscheidplatz, Europa Center opened its doors in April 1965, a little over 4 years after the city was split by the Berlin Wall. The building was based on american shopping malls and once you enter it, you feel like you are on a trip back in time. This happens because the interior decoration of the building used to be cutting edge back when it was built....

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A Short Video of Berlin in 1900

This was Berlin in 1900. More than a hundred years ago and before the war, before the wall, before the nazis, before the communists, before east and west, before the hipsters and the döner. In other words: before it was cool. In this video of Berlin, you can have a look on how this amazing city used to look like. Check out the architecture how different it was! Crazy to see how different the city looks like nowadays. So different that it might be difficult to recognise most of the buildings and places you can see on the video below. If you...

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