Author: Marcela Faé

Berlin, Berlin: The video that brought me memories

Berlin, Berlin is a amazing poetic visualization of this amazing city that is Berlin in the form of a video. I’ve found it browsing on the web and what catched my attention was the fact that this initial scene – and several others, of course – were recorded at the place where Fotostrasse did its 3rd edition, an abandoned hospital in Neukölln. You can see the pictures we took there on our Facebook Album and on mine Flickr account. Now that we will have warmers days in the near future, I encourage you all to take a look at the...

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Dogs in Berlin: What do you need to know?

Dogs in Berlin What do you need to know? ; From all the cities I have lived in, Berlin is the city with most dog runs and other dog friendly sites, like cafés and restaurants. Our last restaurant review, BBI, is a very good example of this. I’ve lost count of how many times I was there and I had to stop whatever I was doing to play with the cutest dog that was next to me. Without a doubt, the dogs in Berlin have more fun. Even though I’m not a dog owner here yet, I feel happy...

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