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Big Blog Exchange Italy: Hello from Vicenza!

One of the questions that was being asked approaching the days of the Big Blog Exchange was, “How has this experience changed you?” I shared in the blog post that it has taught me to be more independent and be more bold with my decisions and that I should learn how to rely on myself.  The morning that I was in Vicenza, I was talking to Ponggo on the phone and he laughed at the fact that I was already up and about hours before my train leaves. I used to be their nightmare when it comes to catching...

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Big Blog Exchange Italy: Naples

I’m writing this post from Paris and this process of editing & uploading all the photos is making me miss Italy.  To start with, I miss listening to people say “Allora”.  I swear, type it in on Google translate and press the speaker button to hear how it’s said.  It’s music to my ears.  Sorry, I know I sound crazy. Anyway, the map of Italy is shaped like a boot and as I make my way down, I’m actually humbled that there are more and more places that I need to visit!  Take for example Naples (Napoli).  On the...

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Big Blog Exchange Italy: Milano

October 31, 2014 Warning: This post is too wordy. Well, I guess that’s just what happens when you’re all alone and your brain just has so much stuff it needs to process! ☺ Hello from Milano! This is Tessa from the Philippines. I’ll be sharing my trip to Italy here while Marcela, my Big Blog Exchange partner will be writing on my blog  I usually blog with colorful comics but with due respect to Marcela & Felipe’s really neat and clean format, I’ll probably just add some white cursive text at the most just to keep things a...

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