One of the nicest things you can do in Berlin is, for the better or the worst, inside one of the most touristic landmarks of our beloved city. This thing is have a Sunday brunch on the fernsehturm, or like the rest of the world calls it, the TV Tower.

Spending some time and money to reserve your table by the window and submit yourself to the abusive prices from tourist attractions, maybe is not what you can call a Berliner thing to do, but as a Berliner for 3 years, I gotta say that sooner or later you’ll have to experience that. Like I told you here, the time comes for each and every one of us, mine was when my mom was in town in December last year.

I’m doing this post to tell you that going to the Fernsehturm with tons of tourists will not be as painful and boring as you think, it is actually pretty cool and the food is delicious!

How are the prices at the Fernsehturm in Berlin?

This is the part where you get outraged by the audacity of some people. The TV Tower will charge 20€ per person for the place by the window.

Is it too damn much? YES. Is it worth it? OF COURSE. Why? Between paying 11€ just to get in and paying 20€ for my own table by the window, sorry, I stick with the 2nd option. Besides, you ain’t going all the way up there to sit on the hallway, right?

After you select the date and time of your visit, you’ll receive and email with the confirmation and please print it out. Germany is still really old school.

Berlin fernsehturm -40

The prices for the food over there are quite normal if you’re used to have your Sunday Brunches in Mitte or Prenzlauer Berg in hip and trendy places, ok? The biggest option will cost you around 13€ and there’s food for an eternity of looking at the rotating window. On this option, like most places, it is included 1 glass of fresh Orange juice or a glass of sekt champagne. Any coffee based drink, other juices, sparking water or alcohol are extras.

Berlin fernsehturm -36
Save around 50€ for the whole experience and stop complaining because I know that you spent more than that in schnaps and beer last weekend. It is 50€ for a unique experience of being in a place that rotates and show you the whole city, 360. degrees. It is worth it!

One tip I can give you is that, be aware of everything. The waitress will ask you “How do you want your eggs, Sir?” but don’t get fooled by this! Oh no no no.. Even the big 13€ option of breakfast mentions no egg! This is an extra! So if you do not care a lot about eggs in the morning because you’re more than fine with everything else, leave it out, you’ll save around 4€ or 5€ in the end.

The place

The place is fantastic and the decoration is impeccable. It is for sure one of the nicest places I’ve seen for a touristy restaurant of course.

The restaurant is located in the top floor of the ball and this means that you’ll not endure all those people talking and taking pictures while you’re are eating. And if you had your table reserved beforehand, it means that you’re a VIP, so no lines for going up or down the tower for you!

Another thing that it is worth to mention is that the whole restaurant is round. Round and moving. There are tables from 1 to 40 you it is nice to memorize the number of your table in case you need to fresh it up before or after your meal.

The rotating mechanism works like this, there’s a clear division in the middle of the floor separating the side that faces the windows (tables) and the side where you enter and where the bar is. The first part is in constant and really slow movement, so once you’re sitting next to a window and you have your morning coffee, you’ll be experiencing an unique and fantastic 360 degree view of Berlin. Every 30 minutes, it completes its rotation and you will be back where you start it.

Berlin fernsehturm -25
Fernsehturm in Berlin

The Fernsehturm Berlin can be easily see all across the city but you need to take the subway to Alexanderplatz to go to the top of it. Once you leave the subway station, it is pretty easy to find your way into it. Just look up and the TV Tower will be there. We would strongly advise everybody to reserve your tickets before going to the Fernsehturm and you can do this on their website.