Two and Two is my favorite cafe in Neukölln and if you walk around Pannierstraße and see how many cafes are there, you will understand how hard it is to decide which one is your favorite. But why Two and Two? Easy. They have the best chocolate cake I ever ate in Berlin, their coffee is great, they have free wi-fi and there are cool japanese stationery all around. If I need to say more, keep reading and looking at all the pictures we took there and you will want to go there as soon as possible.

Originally from Paris and Tokyo, Eri and Tose are the people behind Two and Two. They decided to turn their dream into reality when they opened the cafe after getting to know each other over a cup of coffee. But, how can you open a cafe in Berlin without any experience? I can say that they did it with love and I can see this on their faces every time that we open the doors and ask for a piece of cake and a coffee. And since they have been on Pannierstraße for a while now, I might say that they know what they are doing.

Cafe Berlin: Two and Two in Neukölln Cafe Berlin: Two and Two in Neukölln

Two and Two is located on Pannierstraße, really close to BBI – Berlin Burger International and this is how we ended up going there the first time. This was back in the summer 2013 and, since then, I keep finding myself there. It is either to eat the chocolate cake I like so much or to take a look and buy a japanese pen. As a designer that loves to work with his hands, looking through all the different stationery is always an experience. I always find myself arriving home with a new notebook, pen or pencil. And it is always worth it since they only carry quality products.

Cafe Berlin: Two and Two in Neukölln Cafe Berlin: Two and Two in Neukölln

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After I tried the chocolate cake for the first time, every time we go to Two and Two is the same. A piece of cake and a cup of coffee. The last time we were there and took all those pictures, I had an iced coffee and I know what I going to order next time.  Go crazy on the menu and enjoy it. Sit down, relax and take your time to wander and doodle on your newly bought japanese notebook about your plans and where you should go next.

You can find Two and Two on Panniestraße 6 in Neukölln. They are open everyday from noon until six and don’t forget to try the chocolate cake, my favorite one in Berlin. And don’t forget to check out their blog!

Cafe Berlin: Two and Two in NeuköllnCafe Berlin: Two and Two in NeuköllnCafe Berlin: Two and Two in Neukölln

Two and Two

Pannierstraße 6, 12047

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