Flamenco dancing, attractive old towns, tantalising tapas, and red wine from Rioja – these are just a handful of reasons why Spain is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway.

But with such a profusion of potential places to choose from in the world, when selecting Spain, whereabouts in this charming country should you be taking your significant other?


Featuring the stunning structures of Gaudi, narrow Gothic Quarter streets, and the beating heart of La Rambla, all you need to do is walk around Barcelona to appreciate its magnificence. But for a city with so many architectural landmarks, it is easy to forget about Barcelona’s natural sights too. While a hike up Mount Tibidabo or Montjuïc might not be your idea of romance, a day in each other’s company at the beach will make you appreciate the simple things in life.


With its rich flamenco culture and a penchant for colourful festivals, you can’t fail to fall in love with Seville’s personality. Notable attractions such as Plaza de España, the old gypsy district of Triana, and the laneways of Santa Cruz have also inspired numerous writers, poets and composers over the years. Don’t forget to take a horse-drawn carriage round the city sights either.

Plaza de España

Madrid, Spain’s Capital

Perhaps best known for its Golden Triangle of Art, the nation’s capital caters for the wants and needs of besotted couples too. Take a stroll round the beautiful El Retiro park, which features immaculate gardens and a lake where you can hire boats for two. Chocolate and churros are also a must, with Chocolatería San Gine serving this cutesy combination since 1894. In the evening, head to a bar in downtown barrios for a drink on one of the outdoor terraces.


The slow-paced life of Granada is ideal for walking hand-in-hand through the dark, narrow streets. By contrast, the spacious Plaza Nueva is where you should go for tapas and drinks. Take a trip to the exceptional palace-fortress, which sits upon a forested hill, and you can take in beautiful views of this Arabic-influenced city. You may even choose to visit in winter, as you can go skiing in the snow-capped mountains of Sierra Nevada.


You will feel like you are in a fairy-tale while walking round Toledo’s medieval old town. Centuries have passed yet its burly city walls continue to protect this UNESCO World Heritage site. For the best panorama and a few postcard worthy photos, head to the Mirador del Valle just south of the river. By night, several day-trippers will have left and you can enjoy Toledo’s labyrinthine streets in sentimental serenity.

Toledo, Spain

Even though Spain boasts countless mesmerising coastal spots where holidaymakers can relax on the beach without a care in the world, its most romantic places are found inland.

With each and every one of these destinations, you can fall head over heels in love with your partner once again while experiencing a slice of Spain’s captivating culture.

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