Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities we’ve visited so far, but it is by far on the top 5 most expensive cities to be. After spending 4 days in Vienna last summer, I came up with this marvelous list of free things to do in Vienna. And let’s be honest, in a city where a museum can easily costs more than 25€, you will need this post, huh?

Before continuing with the post, I have to say that, even thought Vienna is very expensive, it is one of the safest cities we’ve been. When we roamed around through the endless streets full of beautiful architecture and art, we realized that Vienna was a safer and slightly more expensive version of Paris.

Visit Vienna even if you’re on the budget, because it is so worth it to see the beauty behind every corner that every penny spent won’t hurt in the end.

But to cut the pain in your pockets to a minimum, here are 5 free (or close to free) things to do in Vienna.


Take a walk around Karlplatz

Karlplatz is one of the nicest and more beautiful squares we had the pleasure to visit. And it is one of the largest in Vienna too!

We even did a post about how amazing and full of life it is, read it here: What to do in Vienna: Karlplatz.

If you’re in Vienna in the spring or the summer, you will be surrounded by flowers and life when you get off on the KarlPlatz Station. There’s even a organic garden over there with loads of different eatable vegetables growing! It is not every day that you see corn growing in the middle of a big city, right?

Explore the Rathaus

The Rathaus in Vienna was one of my favorite places to visit. And do you want to know why? Because it is not always that you can find a place free of charge than can give you an unique sensation of “being a Disney Princess in the castle“, huh?

The building is astonishing and a mandatory stop on your Vienna tour. Believe me!

The whole aesthetic of the place really reminded me of the Cathedral in Cologne and than I founded out that it was designed by the same genius gentleman. Simply breathtaking.

Vienna Rathaus - Fotostrasse

Vienna Rathaus – Fotostrasse

There you can find a place to relax, a place to be amazed and, depending on the day, incredible concerts and very interesting events. The Rathaus, that literally translate into City Hall, holds several events throughout the year.

See Vienna from the St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Without a doubt, the view from St. Stephen’s Cathedral is the best view you can get from the city! But be prepared because the 343 steps to the top are hard but the view is worth the effort.

When we visited the church we paid around 4€ each but according to their website it is 4,50€ now. It’s not free but it’s pretty cheap. A small price to pay to see the whole city of Vienna and take the most awesome landscape pictures ever.They also have a pretty cool and macabre tour of the catacombs but we had no time to visit since everything closes really early in our opinion. The visiting time ends around 5 or 5:30pm, depending on the tour you’re taking.

Besides, the history behind Stephansdom is for sure one of the most interesting ones. Read it all about it here: St. Stephen’s Cathedral: The Best View from Vienna.

Typopassage and the Museumsquartier

One of our first posts about Vienna was about this secret little place, the Typopassage. It is located inside the world famous Museumsquartier in Vienna.

Felipe is a huge fan of calligraphy and types in general, on the counter part, me, Marcela, I find it interesting but a little bit boring if you might ask. And this is the reason why the title of the section has 2 places.

If you’re more Felipe, please read our post, book your ticket and run. Run Forest Run! It is small, it is hidden, it is fabulous.

And if you’re more Marcela, do the same because even though you’re not into letters and numbers that much, it is very cool. Trust me! Besides the whole Museumsquartier is more than marvelous. You can sit down and enjoy the sun, you can rest your feet up in the air sitting outside on one of the weird chair-like structures there, you can visit the museums or just grab a coffee or a soda.

Arena Wien

If you’re into art, punk, metal, cool movies, unusual exhibitions, alternative culture stuff in general and tired of the same ol’ same ol’ Vienna we showed you so far, head east to Arena Wien.

Arena Wien is the place where I loved the most. My inner teenager punk rock girl came back to life when I entered the place.

The whole complex has an abandoned factory & 90’s Berlin vibe that conquer my heart faster than you can say “Oi! Oi! Oi!”

We went there to see one of my favorite artists, Chelsea Wolfe and felt an amazing connection to the site. Later we founded out the several of our friends did play on the same stage on their euro-tours. From the most famous all the way to the smallest and unknown bands.

Arena has a huge outdoor stage, an open air cinema, a bar that serves food and drinks, a inside stage and apparently much more than we had the pleasure to see it.

You can go there even without a show and just enjoy the atmosphere.

Check out their website and see if you can book your trip on the same time that your favorite artist is playing!

 Bonus Round:

Visit all the Gardens and Parks that you can possibly can

One of the most amazing things about Vienna is how your heart stops every time you turn your head. The city is so beautiful and full of history that I can only show you how amazing it is to roam around the streets, parks and gardens without looking at the clock.

Save one day just for that. Buy your lunch or your coffee and head somewhere with green and spend some hours imagining how inspired great names of the classical music got just by being in Vienna back in the days.

On the photos above you can see the Belvederegarten, the Volksgarten, Rathausplatz, the Heldendenkmal der Roten Armee, Kuntshaus Wien, Strandbar Herrmann and random pictures of us walking around Vienna.

Like I said earlier, Vienna is a safer version of Paris. I say that because I love Paris with all my heart and, of course, is one of the most incredible cities in the world. But maybe, because of the size and the madness, I don’t feel 100% safe walking the streets of Paris. Not like I felt in the streets of Vienna. And the magic of both cities are the same to me. Both are a must see and visit one of them, in any way, means that you can skip the other, ok? And if you’re staying in Vienna for a whole weekend with your loved one, check out this super post from Karolina Patryk.

So this was Fotostrasse’s tips on how to save money and have an amazing time in Vienna but, like always, if you have another place you think it deserves a spot here, please leave us a comment or tag your instagram photo with #fotostrasse and let us know the reason why, ok?

We went to Vienna last summer and stayed at the A&O Hostel Hauptbahnhof in a private room and it was great, but if you’re not on the budget and want a little bit more comfort, use this space to search for your hotel in Vienna.