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What to do in Berlin with Tulio – Going Local in Berlin

I am Tulio and I’m here to give you tips on what to do in Berlin. I am originally from the middle of nowhere in the heart of Brazil. A place I call the “Texas of Brazil” given its backward mentality. I have lived all over, but Nothern California and São Paulo were the two places I lived the longest after I left my hometown. I studied Law, but that obviously was not for me. So I moved to Cali where I went to grad school for Marketing and Strategy. Got hired out of Business School from a giant...

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Berlin Summer: a Summer guide to the German Capital

Berlin is a different city in each season. We might love the winter in Berlin but it’s in the summer that you can really enjoy everything the German Capital has to offer. The standard procedure to enjoy there Berlin Summer is simple: go outside and do something. It’s sounds easy, right? But Berlin is a huge city filled with a lot of things to do. Because of that we created this summer guide to make it easier for you to focus on enjoying some of the beautiful days that will come during the season. Below you can read our...

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