A Week Long Street Art Exhibition in Berlin Wilmersdorf
For one week in 2018, Berlin had an urban art temple in Wilmersdorf called Wandelism. With more than 90 street artists from Berlin and beyond, this was a celebration of what Berlin is: a wild and colourful place. You could see various urban art styles, from graffiti to bombing, from art installation to contemporary art and performance.

The word Wandelism might sound weird to most people, and it happens for a reason. Wandelism is an amalgam made of the German word wandel, that means change and the English word vandalism. We visited the exhibition and you really need to see it with your own eyes. And before everything is gone since Wandelism will only last for one week since the building will be demolished after the show! This reflects how fast Berlin is changing and how street art and graffiti have to deal with this constant transition. Something similar to what happened to The Haus a few months ago.

At the exhibition, you will be able to see works from well-known graffiti artists such as 1UP, Tobo, Dejoe, Dave the Chimp and Loomit but there are 90 artists at Wandelism, and all of them left their mark at this old car repair shop in Wilmersdorf. There is more than 2.000 sqm with 15 different rooms, two large halls and a cellar filled with colors.


Be aware that this exhibition is for a good Berlin cause. The organizers are dedicating this project to a great cause, and 30% of the proceedings are going to AWO Kita Kinderwald, and the rest will be split and distributed evenly among the artists, helpers, and crew.

Wandelism will be open from March 17th to March 24th, 2018. From noon to eight in the evening and entry is free. There are guided tours for €10 for those who want to know everything about the exhibition.


Wandelism — A Temporary Street Art Temple in Berlin

Wilhemsaue 32, 10713

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