How much did you spend on your last holiday? A couple of hundred euros? More than a thousand? Whatever the case, you probably tried your hardest to book it a good price. After all, there’s nothing as nice as relaxing in the sun or exploring a beautiful new city safe in the knowledge that you scored a really good deal…

But, you might not have known some of the key tips and tricks that the savviest holiday-makers employ to save a Euro or two when booking a trip away. So, whether you’re jetting off to a far-flung destination like Thailand or Dubai, or hopping on a short flight to somewhere close to home (such as the ever-popular Tenerife or the picture-perfect Santorini), here’s how you can save money when you’re booking…

Book early

If you know (without a doubt) that you’d like to go to a particular destination at a specific time of year, it’s often a good idea to book ahead as early as you can. Many tour operators will offer great prices to entice early bookers who know what they want, so keep an eye out for a deal as soon as you’ve decided where you’re going.

Book late

On the other hand, you might snap up a bargain if you’re prepared to book a late holiday deal. Prices of flights and hotels are often significantly reduced if the departure date is drawing close, with tour operators needing to fill the places they’ve reserved. So, if you like to be spontaneous, don’t mind where you end up going, and can be very flexible with when you go away (and where you depart from), you could save a lot of money by booking a last-minute trip.

Five amazing tips to save money when booking your next trip. Because travel should not break your wallet. Enjoy it! #budget #tips #TipstoSaveMoney
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Try to be flexible with your dates

The price of traveling varies depending on the month, day and even the time you’re traveling – a lot more than you might think. So, try to be as flexible as you can. Instead of looking at flights for Fridays and Saturdays, consider browsing for deals that see you flying on a Wednesday instead. This kind of flexibility could see you saving lots of money off the price of your flights, transfers, and hotel, so do consider it if you’re able to go away at any time within a given month.

Consider flying into an airport that’s a bit further away

Another great item in this list of tips to save money is to book a holiday that sees you arriving at an airport that’s a bit further away from the one you might first choose to fly to. Of course, you’ll need to calculate the cost of traveling from the airport to your accommodation, but it can still work out much cheaper if you’re prepared to fly to an airport that’s less-centrally located.

Maybe the best tip on this list of tips to save money: Try to travel in low season if possible

A final way to save money when you’re booking a trip away is to try to travel out of peak season, wherever possible. Of course, this isn’t always possible (after all, the best sun to be had is in the summer, and for those traveling with children, an out-of-term-time holiday is likely to be your only option) but consider it if you can. For example, flights to Australia could be expensive at Christmas, and packages to Spain might be pricier at the beginning of the school summer holidays. If you can book a family holiday in the last week of August, for example, if you might shave a bit off the price of your trip.

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