Have you ever had one of those “oh crap, I wish I had packed ___” moments? I think it’s safe to say we all have! Avoid those moments by always having some lifesaver items on hand! Whether you’re going to another country or just another town, there are a few essential items that you can pack to make sure you have a great trip. Add these items to your purse or your carry-on, and you’ll be prepared for any situation!

Travel Document Holder

These pouches are so handy! They have a space for your passport, driver’s license, credit cards, cash, a pen, and other documents like a hotel confirmation or itinerary. They’re also very compact, so they fit easily into a purse or small bag. With this, you can stay super organized and know that all of your essentials are in one place.

Sewing Kit

I know, I know. You may be thinking, what?! I can’t sew. However, you never know when you might need to patch up a hole that developed on your shirt or sew on a button to your jacket. Keep a small sewing kit with you to have the essentials on hand at all times. Plus, most come with scissors and a safety pin which are always handy supplies to have just in case a situation calls for them!

Travel Toothbrush

Got a stubborn piece of food stuck between your teeth? Just had garlic for dinner? Run into the bathroom and quickly brush your teeth to look, feel and smell fresh. And don’t forget the travel toothpaste! A must-have for dates or business meetings over dinner. And you can snatch these from hotels or during your dentist visit.

Chargers are Lifesaver Items

Let’s face it: we’re addicted to our devices. Therefore, we are addicted to our chargers. Forgetting your phone or laptop charger is terrible. If you keep an extra in your bag at all times, you’ll always have a backup! It’s also beneficial to have a universal adapter plug that lets you plug anything into foreign electrical outlets that don’t match yours. We’ve reviewed our favourite one in our post about travel accessories that are lifesaver items we use all the time. Because believe it or not, outlets are not the same in every country!

Pain Medications

Having pain medicine in your bag might save your day or the day of the person next to you who just asked if you have any Advil. Headaches, cramps, aches and pains can come on quickly and with no warning. Keep a bottle or at least a small supply of pain medications on hand for any of these painful emergencies. While you’re at it, be sure you keep all of your other medicines on hand while travelling. It’s an easy thing to forget, so double-check those off your list!

Rain Poncho

Rain, rain, go away. If it starts raining, your trip doesn’t have to end! If you have a rain poncho, you can keep enjoying whatever you are doing without the hassle of an umbrella. It allows you to keep both hands free to snap pictures or hold your bags. And it keeps you and your clothes dry! They come in handy little pouches, too, so they won’t take up too much space.

Fingertip Towels

Having a small towel with you can be beneficial. You can use it to wipe off dirty seats or benches and keep your face and hands clean. Isn’t it the worst when you wash your hands and face in a public bathroom only to find out that there aren’t paper towels? Unique situations like this are sure to happen when travelling to different areas, so bringing along a smaller and more versatile towel that you can use to clean, wipe, and quickly wash can be super beneficial! It’s also great to have if you’re working out on the go and need a towel to clean up afterwards.

Solid and Dry Shampoo

Shampoo can make a huge difference when you’re travelling. Dry shampoo can be a lifesaver if you can’t get to a shower one day, and a solid shampoo can mean more space for liquid when you’re travelling by plane.
There are great solid shampoos out there, and dry shampoo is so great that people swear by it. A combination of both can help you look presentable when you are travelling for days, and your cabin size limitations aren’t helping. Other beauty essentials with non-liquid alternatives include makeup remover and deodorant.

Travel across the country or across the street. You’ll be prepared for anything.