A trip to Cataratas do Iguassu in Brazil

All the answers for your questions about the largest waterfalls in South America

When we speak about natural beauty, Brazil is one of the champions and we all know that. A living proof of why Brazil hold this title is the incredible set of waterfalls on the border of Argentina and Brazil called Cataratas do Iguassu.

I personally think that everyone, at least once, should travel to Brazil and discover all the beauties there. But again, I’m Brazilian so I’m biased. If you’ve never been to the Cataratas do Iguaçu (This is how Brazilians will spell this word. Ç and SS have the same sound in Portuguese), let me show you a bit of how incredible it is.

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How can I get the tickets to go inside the National Park of Cataratas do Iguassu?

There are two forms you can purchase the tickets. One is online on the park’s website and the other one is at the entrance. There’s no difference on how much you’ll pay but if you choose the second option, the chances of you having to wait a long time in a giant line, under the Brazilian sun, are pretty high. Especially if you choose to do this during the high season (summertime).

I will not put the prices here because it can change, so the best is to check the website of the National Park of Cataratas do Iguassu before you start planning.

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Cataratas do Iguassu: it is not only watching some water falls down from above!

After you enter the National Park of Cataratas do Iguassu, you will hop on a bus to take you to the world famous platforms to see the beautiful falls. This bus ride is a bit long and during this way, you will see many stops and spots for extra activities. People who are into rafting, rappel, tree climbing and more can request a stop and do whatever they please. The fee you pay to enter the park is valid for the whole day, so you can do a lot inside the park.

All those extra activities are not included in the original ticket, tho. This time I did the Macuco Safari and the Trilha do Poço Preto. Both are fantastic and I strongly suggest you try it.

Macucu Safari will take you by boat all the way to the waterfalls and under the waterfalls! Fun, fun, fun! If you choose to do this one, remember to have an extra set of shirt and shorts and extra protection for your camera. There is a lot of water involved! I mean, a whole lot of water! For my camera, I used the incredible Agua stormproof Pro Raincover 15 Pro DSLR and worked like a charm. Just remember that once you’re under the waterfall, no photos! keep your lens pointing to the ground that the rain cover will do its job. For photos and videos, I just used my iPhone on one of those waterproof protection cases that you can buy for cheap either online or in the National Park of Cataratas do Iguassu’s door.

The Trilha do Poço Preto is another vibe. Demands more of your legs than your ability to get wet. Trilha is Track in Portuguese, so prepare for some hiking. 9km to in total! In the middle of the jungle with loads of incredible trees, plants, animals and more. It is 100% safe but when I did there was an alert issued in the middle of the way because people spotted an onça pintada (the Brazilian jaguar) and 2 cubs wondering around. I found her paw print! How amazing is what?

After the walking part, you will hop on a boat and this boat will take you along the Iguassu River so you can spot some more incredible wildlife. I saw a caiman that is native from that area, the Jacaré do Papo Amarelo! So pretty!

Which side should I go? Brazil or Argentina?

As you already probably know, the Cataratas do Iguassu is located on the very border between those two countries. And because of that, the question “Which side should I visit?” keeps popping on everyone’s heads.

The Argentinian side has most of the falls while the Brazilian side has only three. And if you’re thinking that you should visit the Argentinian side because it has the biggest portion of the Cataratas do Iguassu, I will have to tell you that you’re wrong.

If you choose the Argentinian side, for sure you’ll be closer to the waterfalls but the whole experience of the Cataratas do Iguassu lays on the view you have. And without a doubt, Brazil can offer you a kick ass view of the Argentinian side. Something that you can only experience from Brazilian soil.

If you ask me, do both sides if you have time. If you don’t have the time or money for both, stay with the Brazilian side. Both have pros and cons and in the end, you’ll only get a full experience with both visits.

On the Argentinian side, the admission fee is a bit cheaper but the view is not that great. But what you save on the ticket you’ll spend on getting to Puerto Iguazu. On the Brazilian side the prices are a bit higher but to get there from Foz is super easy and the structure is better.

This time I only did the Brazilian side so I cannot show you the view from Argentina.

How to get to the Cataratas do Iguassu?

Like I told you before on our post about the Bird Park in Foz do Iguassu, you have a few options on this one.

The Bird Park and the National Park of Cataratas do Iguassu are just a few hundred meters apart, so whatever you take for one, is good for the next.

I’m not going to repeat myself but instead, I’ll put a short version of what you can do. To read everything, please take a look at the other post.

Lots of people choose to go with private cars or even taxi, but I believe that this happens because they don’t know it better. There’s a fine public transport alternative for this destination. It is a bus that leaves the TTU (Terminal de Transportes Urbanos) in downtown Foz and goes directly to the park’s entrance. I mean, literally a few meters of where you can get the ticket! It is amazing. The whole journey will cost you something like 1 or 1,50 euros per person per ride.

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The Cataratas do Iguassu are one of the most beautiful places you can visit in the world. They are one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature and if you have the chance to go, please do! If you do, let us know how it was. I hope this post could answer some of your questions about this destination and if you have any questions left, talk to us on our Facebook Group or leave a comment here on this post! If all those photos didn’t convince you to plan your trip, maybe those reasons to book your flight to Brazil will.

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