Best Asian restaurants in Prenzlauer Berg

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If you’re familiar with Berlin’s neighborhoods, Prenzlauer Berg is not a new name for you. Mauer Park, Kulturbrauerei, The Wall Memorial and Prater are some of the cool things you can find there.

Prenzlauer Berg is a well-groomed neighborhood brimming with history and charm. It is filled with trendy places and indie concept stores. And if you ask me, some of the best Asian restaurants in Prenzlauer Berg are on my list of best Asian restaurants in Berlin.

Prenzlauer Berg used to be East Berlin and maybe – we are not 100% sure – is the reason why you can find so many Asian restaurants in Prenzlauer Berg. Kind of like why you see the best Turkish and Arabic food in Neukölln and Kreuzberg. But like I said, maybe. If you really want to discover Berlin by its food, the most authentic way to do it is with the help of a local foodie who can take you on a food journey around the city. And if you do, come back here and share your knowledge on the comments below or on our Facebook Group. Deal?

This part of Berlin has the cutest tree-lined and cobblestoned streets. I mean it! And some of the most expensive apartments in the city and it is loaded with cool bars. But this like, we’ll focus on the best Asian restaurants in Prenzlauer Berg. But I sincerely invite you to take a look on our post explaining the neighborhoods in Berlin so you can understand more this wonderful city.

Anh Dao – the BEST Asian restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg for everyone (and not just vegans)

I used to live quite close, and I went there the first time just by accident. I’m not vegan/vegetarian, so you can trust me more (I think) when I give the gold medal to a vegan restaurant on a list of the best Asian restaurants in Prenzlauer Berg. I mean, maybe it is just me, but I have the impression that vegans sometimes are a bit biased when it comes to reviews. They will most probably say the food is excellent just because it is vegan. Don’t you think? Well, anyways, that is not the case here.

Things I really enjoy in Anh Dao are: the whole menu!. And I kid you not when I say that. I’ve tried every single item on the menu, and I loved all. Maybe I can live without some of the Lassis because they are just a bit too sweet for my taste, but the food is great.

If you must get a recommendation out of me, try the normal Pho or the Pho Cari/Cary. The last one is with coconut milk and loads of mushrooms. Here’s a photo for your delight.

This place is at Danziger Str. 42, 10435. But I’ll add a map with all the places at the end of this post so don’t worry.

Red Dragon – Tradition meets the best prices

Probably the oldest Asian restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg from this list. And the cheapest one for sure.

With Pho Bo ranging from 7€ a bowl and Summer Rolls for 2,50€ a pair, this place is a must go. I have to add that those prices are from 2018, ok? Worth to check if you’re there later. In the photo below you’ll see my friend’s choice which was a salad with chicken and noodle soup that I forgot the name.

The place gets a spot on the list for being one of the only non-gentrified places in the area close to Eberswalder Strasse U2 Station. Definitely, a great option if you’re around there and it is not in the mood for overly priced food, a specialty in Prenzlauer Berg nowadays.

Red Dragon is very close to the one above, same street but different number.
Danziger Str. 29, 10435

Wok Show – Dumpling madness

Can you eat 50 dumplings in one sitting? In this Asian restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg, you sure can try to achieve this! And if you do, you’ll take home a big nothing because they really don’t care about your personal achievements. But it is the best dumpling place in the area. Wok Show only serves dumplings. And their dumplings are fantastic.

Remember to go with 3 or more friends, maybe 5. The more people, the better. Because them you all can order an insane amount of dumplings from all flavors and styles and try them all. Wok Show is the only Chinese place in this list of the best Asian restaurants in Prenzlauer Berg. And one of the only Chinese places I know outside Kantstrasse in Charlottenburg.

The address is Greifenhagener Str. 31, 10437

Vinpearl – The pretty one from this list

Located in one of the cutest areas of Prenzlauer Berg, Vinpearl is a must if you like your Pho Bo done as they do it in Vietnam. Helmholtzplatz is a small park that in the summer is perfect to just lay around in the sun. I have never been to Vietnam but all of the four friends that I took there told me the same. And two of them spent over 60 days going everywhere in Vietnam, trying all sorts of delicious food from there.

This place offers a great range of Thai, Viet and Japanese options in their menu from an OK price. It is not the cheapest from this list but not the most expensive you can find in Prenzlauer Berg.

I like the place because all the food comes with a very nice presentation and the staff is very friendly.

Like I said, it is in front of Helmholtzplatz on Raumerstraße 14A, 10437.

Anh Dao


Red Dragon

Wok Show

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