Author: Felipe Tofani

The Plane Tree of Hippocrates in Kos

Next to the ancient Agora of Kos, opposite the fortress of Neratzia, is where you will find one of the oldest trees in Kos: the plane tree of Hippocrates. This historical tree is visited by thousands of people every year due to a story that became a legend.

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The Sun Machine is Coming Down to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Berliner Festspiele at the ICC Berlin

The Sun Machine is Coming Down lasted for ten days in October 2021. It was an exciting way to encourage visitors to explore a piece of the city closed to the public for years. For us, the most fascinating thing about this exhibition was how the ICC architecture shaped the artwork being presented and how beautiful this building really is. We hope this space is used more often in the future since it seems like it’s used more as background for movies than anything else.

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A Visit to the Skypoint in Schonefeld

On the outskirts of Berlin, where Neukölln and Schönefeld meet, there is a hill with one of the city’s best views. Called the Skypoint in Schönefeld, this manufactured structure is built over trash, and we took our drone there in June 2021 to capture its beauty.

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July 20th Plot: The Failed Attempt to Kill Adolf Hitler

On July 20th, 1944, a group of conspirators attempted to kill Adolf Hitler inside the Wolf’s Lair military base in East Prussia. That was the day that Claus von Stauffenberg placed a bomb next to the Führer of Nazi Germany was intending to take over political control of Germany and try to make peace with the Western Allies.

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