Dogs in Berlin

What do you need to know?

From all the cities I have lived in, Berlin is the city with most dog runs and other dog friendly sites, like cafés and restaurants. Our last restaurant review, BBI, is a very good example of this. I’ve lost count of how many times I was there and I had to stop whatever I was doing to play with the cutest dog that was next to me. Without a doubt, the dogs in Berlin have more fun.

Even though I’m not a dog owner here yet, I feel happy just to have the option to interact with them here and there as I go to the supermarket, take the U-bahn or just at my favorite coffee place.

Specially in the summer, Berlin has a handful of option if you are looking for what to do in Berlin. You can take you pal basically everywhere, from shops to bars. And speaking about summer, dogs and Berlin, I think I need to share with you all this amazing product I just found online: Collapsible Travel Dog Bowls. I remember my years with Goga in Sao Paulo, and the hardest thing for me was to keep him hydrated and well fed during long ours playing in the park or on a road trip. And he was a small/medium dog, I can’t imagine all the trouble that a big dog’s owner must have.

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Dogs in Berlin’s public transportation

I believe that what differs Berlin from my other experiences in cities like New York and Sao Paulo, is that all the public transportation here in pet friendly. But do not forget to have a look on the BVG rules about tickets and more. I know that with a monthly card you have the right to take your dog with you for free and you only have to buy an extra ticket if you’re on the single ride fair. And if you’re familiar with Berliner transportation, maybe you’ve seen the muzzle sign on the trains, buses and trams, I’m not really quite sure if is really necessary since I’ve only seen a BVG’s employer asking a guy to put it on his dog and I’m living here for over 2 years now. You use your best judgment based on your dog’s behave in a crowd limited space.

Dogs in Berlin’s parks

Here in Berlin I think that the biggest and better option for my future dog would be Hasenheide Park and Tempelhof. Both of them are really close to my house. They have a vast area for the dogs to play and both count with a reserved dog area so you can take the leash of your friend and let your pet run happy and free.

Besides those two wonderful parks, I can suggest the Volkspark Friedrichshain, Tiergarten and the Volkspark Prenzlauer Berg. Tiergarten being, as you may already know, the biggest of all those last 3 options.

Dogs in Berlin’s Restaurants, Bars and Cafés

Since most establishments here in Berlin are pet friendly, I think it’s best to do a list of the places I know for sure that dogs are not allowed. And the only place that has a “no dogs” police I can think of is The Barn, the rest I never saw anybody having a problem with this matter.
Besides BBI, I can name Five Elephant and its delicious cheesecake, Franken Bar and Feuermelder and their amazing punk rock/metal vibe, Tiki Heart and its delicious drinks and burgers, and much more. Follow us on foursquare, if we find a place that do not allow dogs, we will definitely leave a tip alerting you all.

If you have any other questions regarding dogs and pets in Berlin (or any other country for that matter), we have a huge community on our facebook group with people from all over the world. Feel free to join and ask your questions there if you’re too shy to leave a comment here =D