Back when Berlin was just reunited

I love when I discover this short movie showing up how Berlin used to be in the past. And I just stumbled upon the one below that shows a Berlin Mitte in 1991.

Everything looks so different and, at the same time, similar to what it is right now. The buildings, of course, look a lot better, but you can see something in the video that you can’t see today. I’m not sure about it, but you can see the video below and think about it.

Berlin Mitte in 1991 in video

Jörg Langkau is the guy responsible for this quirky homemade video that would be so easy to do today but, back in 1991, wasn’t that easy to do. In this short video, you can see the area around Linienstrasse 144, where I believe that Jörg Langkau used to live. But he shows much more than that. When you watch the video, you can see how Tacheles used to look like right after it was occupied.

You can see how dilapidated Museum Island used to be and how much Oranienburger Straße changed in the last two decades. You can even see how the apartments used to look like from the inside. Something really interesting to think about in this era of IKEA and other shops.

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This video is an interesting reflection of how much did Berlin change and how much it will continue to change. Keep in mind that, just a few years back, Berlin Mitte was in a different country. This is, for me, a fact that is hard to digest.

If you want to go a bit further in the past, we strongly recommend you to watch the Life in Berlin back in the 30s video, a cool video that shows Berlin before all the bombing.

All the pictures in this post are from Chris John Dewitt who has an amazing photography blog and was featured here some time ago.

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