In Berlin Moves, Alex Soloviev tries to capture the German capital from the eyes of a local. At the same time, he tries to show how beautiful the city is from the perspective of a tourist.

He wants to show you all the small things that you overlook while you walk around Berlin, and this is one of the many reasons why we had to write something about his latest video.

If you have been following Fotostrasse for a while, you may have read the name Alex Soloviev before. We featured two of his videos previously. First, back in September 2016, with Everyday Berlin. Secondly, in October 2017, with Berlin Inner Layer that is a visual poem to the city. This time, with Berlin Moves, we managed to ask him some questions about his movies.

In Berlin Moves, you can see how lively Berlin is and how everything feels to be connected by public transportation. It feels like transport lines are kind of city veins, which let it live fast and comfortable as Alex Soloviev told us by e-mail. Those lines connect different parts of the city where people sing on the streets while others dance.

Between all of the videos that we shared from Alex Soloviev, this might be my favorite one since it shows a human perspective that is different from the other videos. Here we can see people on the streets, interacting with the camera and living their best life in Berlin. Also, in Berlin Moves, you can see a different side of the side since you can experience different parts of the city.

Besides the traditional views of Alexanderplatz, Eastside Gallery, Potsdamer Platz, Brandenburger Tor, and the view from the Berliner Dom, here you can see how locals live in the city. How they move through Berlin by bike, how buses take them around, and how everybody gets together on the subway lines.

There is even a scene with the infamous airplane over Kreuzberg there!

Berlin Moves was shot by Alex Soloviev in 12 days around different seasons in Berlin. Everything was ready for the world to see after a month or so of solo editing, and the images were captured using a Canon 5DIV.

Berlin Moves with Alex Soloviev on Vimeo

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