Berlin on a budget

See and do a Lot of Berlin without breaking your wallet

The most precious things in life are not those you pay,” once said the famous German Albert Einstein. And he was right. And this is especially right for a city like Berlin. You have loads of possibilities of things to do in Berlin on a budget.

In fact, you need to do is twitch a little bit here and change a bit there and you’re good to go. Berliners do this all the time.

Sure, the viewpoint on the Flakturm is not as high as the TV Tower but makes you save 16€. Even the Viktoriapark is free and personally, offers a better view than any paid option. Besides, the unique touch a waterfall brings, makes you wonder if this Berlin on a budget is not a better version of an awesome city.

Let’s start this Berlin on a budget like Germans like. Organized.

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Sundays in Berlin

Sundays are a very relaxing day for Germany; most shops are closed and, if the weather is good, most Berliners head outside. Parks, squares, river, lakes… You name, Berlin has it.

Like I mentioned earlier, one of the best views you can have from Berlin are from parks. The Flakturm and Viktoriapark are just some of the options.

If you’re not feeling like a park, going to the 5th floor of Neukölln Arcaden gives you a stunning view of Berlin. If you fancy a beer, there’s a bar on the 6th floor with some overpriced small bottles, the Klunkerkranich. I don’t like it there, but it is worth if you go during the day. Entrance is free. But not as free as sitting one floor down. You choose. Also worth to mention that after 6 or 7 pm, they charge a fee to get in.

Another great spot is pretty much a secret; you can have an excellent time watching the sun sets down on the horizon, overlooking the Zoo. Just head to the Zoo Station, there’s a rooftop terrace offering an exquisite view of Berlin. Very Christiane F movie-like.

For people wanting something more than just sitting and admiring, at 9:30 pm every second Sunday of the month, head to Heimathafen Neukölln. And you ask me: Why, Marcela? Because it is audio theatre night! It is mainly in German; you can listen to radio plays and sometimes meet with authors, writers, and speakers. So if you’re into this scene, you’ll be happy.

Another great way to enjoy your Sunday, especially in the warmer months, it’s just to get yourself a couple of beers at the spaeti. Admiralbrücke and other bridges along the Landwehr Kanal are a must. But you can also try to go more to an urbex way of life like our video shows and have a unique experience inside an abandoned boat or building. Pay attention, this video here is part of a series. So make sure you hit subscribe because more episodes will be added soon.

And don’t forget to make sure to visit a flea market during your Sunday. It is a very good option for a Berlin on a budget experience. I will add my favorites to the map at the end of this post. They will be colored differently so you won’t get confused. And if you really want to understand the areas of Berlin and come a bit prepared, we have a post about the areas and regions of Berlin explained.

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Mondays in Berlin

It is very well-known that galleries and museums are closed on Mondays, but Berlin has some secret options for you. Some places remain open even on Mondays, and some yet have free admission.

The Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle is a great example. They have free admissions Monday. Check their website to see what’s up and let me know in the comments if you saw anything worth it.

Still, in Mitte, try to check the legendary and breathtaking dancehall from the beginning of last century. The name is Clärchens Ballhaus. They offer dance classes every day, but on Mondays after 9 pm, the music changes to salsa and everybody is invited to join for free.

If your thing is not so Latino, you can try maybe the Alte Kantine on the Kulturbrauerei. Every Monday the admission is around 3€ and apparently, people love it. I’ve never been because I hate clubs in general but I live quite close, and all the people around there leave the premises with big smiles. They even have ping-pong tables inside.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in Berlin

Those days are for free concerts, poetry slams and much more. Let’s start with Schokoladen. And no, we’re not talking about chocolate, for this, you can visit the Ritter Sport Bunte Schokowelt, make your chocolate and learn everything you need about chocolate. This time I’m talking about a very cool house project/dance club/bar/place for great shows and events. Schokoladen hosts every Tuesday night reading, starting at 9:30.

If you look up Schokoladen on Google translate, it will probably tell you that this is a chocolate shop, but that’s not the case. Instead, the Schokoladen is a dance club that not only hosts concerts and parties throughout the week but also holds readings every Tuesday night from 9:30. This free event is perfect for everyone who loves slam poetry, comedy, and music.

Another excellent option for Tuesday is at SO36 in Kreuzberg. Every second Tuesday, the Kiezbingo takes over the legendary punk place bring you the best of bingo and drag queens. How is a drag queen bingo? Well, you will have to check for yourself.

Wednesdays are for the Freiraum collective dinner. You can show up if you’re feeling blue. Bring whatever you want for your sandwich (and a bit more for everyone else). The place will provide the bread and the butter. When the weather is good, everything happens in the courtyard. It is just one of those special things about Berlin, you know?

Thursdays are for free concerts at Dunckerclub in Prenzlauer Berg and the food events at Markhalle Neun. Did we tell you everything about it on the underground guide to Berlin, remember?

Fridays and Saturdays are for everybody

Fridays and Saturdays are made for bars, clubs and general fun. But not only that. Berlin has many hidden gems and unique things, and lucky for us, a lot of them are budget friendly.

A great option for a Saturday night is to head to Babylon Kino to grab a sit and enjoy the old tradition of free screenings of silent movies. It is Berlin’s most beautiful movie theater without any doubt. If you think silent movies are boring, go for the architecture and decor.

And for Fridays with the family, Berlin is also perfect. The Labyrinth Museum offers 1€ tickets for interactive exhibitions from 1 to 6 pm. Besides those options, it is worth to check the events happening at Urban Spree and other places inside the RAW. The variety of things you can find for Friday and Saturday in Berlin are endless.

Learn the city’s history for free

That is one of those tips valid for every single city. Just go to google and type “free tours” and the city you are. It is the easiest and fastest way to learn a lot, see a lot and do everything at once. Another option for getting to know the city without a large number of people surrounding you is to check this post we did. I know that I love free tours, but they can be quite heavy for some. I know people that can’t stand, that is why we wrote the post.

And now, that question that will hurt a bit: are you too lazy to walk? But you still wanna see and do stuff? I know, friend. Trust me; I got you. I understand your pain. Sometimes I spent days walking 10, 15 or even 20km. And if you’re doing a Eurotrip, Berlin is not your only stop. So this tip is for you. The person who is tired but still wanna see Berlin on a budget: the bus 100.

Yes, you read it right. It is a normal bus that will take you close – and sometimes directly – to the main attractions. You can catch it in Alexanderplatz and sit right in front on the 2nd floor. Yes, it is a double-decker bus, that is driving you all over the place, for just one ticket of 3€.

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Extras for Berlin on a budget and more links with free stuff

Before I go I just want to leave you with some of our posts with free, cool and alternative things to do and see in Berlin. I will end my guide here; I heartily invite you all to check our Instagram because we post daily tips of things to do in Berlin. And often content with other cities and countries.

I also want to tell you all that we have a facebook group where we help each other make better decisions before traveling, talk about photography and much more.

The last thing I will say is, have fun and please use the hashtag #Fotostrasse on twitter, facebook, and Instagram so we can follow your Berlin on a budget too!