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Searching for a tattoo artist in Berlin can be pretty exhausting. Berlin holds a ridiculous amount of tattoo artists in all different styles; Berlin tattoo Artists have different styles and Berlin tattoo studios can also welcome several guests that will just add up to the confusion of picking your favourites.

In this post, we’ll list our favourite artists, our favourite artists and their Instagram accounts. We highly recommend you follow to keep an eye on different artists coming to the city easily.

We believe that when things are forever, you should know that you are in good hands. Artists who understand their craft are essential for a great experience, especially when it is an experience that involves pain.

Tattoo Berlin studio: Blut & Eisen in Prenzaleurberg

This studio has seven tattooists doing a lot of great work that goes from Black&White to dot-work style. They are a full-stack option for those willing to pay. They are probably one of the best tattoo studios in Prenzlauer Berg. Photo: Blood & Iron.

The best thing is to check their Instagram and check all highlights for you to find your favourite style. You can also keep an eye on their website to see future guests artists coming to Berlin.

Blut & Eisen Stargarder Strasse 7, Prenzlauer Berg, Website / Instagram

Tattoo Berlin Artists: Mariano from @tatsbymariano​

If you crave bold colours, straight lines and timeless designs, this artist is your best choice. Following some of the great master’s in the art of tattooing, Mariano delivers fast and clean work without a long waiting line. He lost his account several times in the past weeks and this is his new attempt at not being excluded from life by Instagram. Sad to see so many artists going through this

He even prides himself for always having his bookings open. Mariano hated to wait long months to have his appointment when he was younger, and now that he is the artist himself, he tried to keep waiting to a minimum. He is def our top 1 position as he’s our choice of Berlin tattoo artist when we’re in the mood for new work.

Mariano Tattoo Berlin – Instagram

Berlin Tattoo Artists: Ni Doto for unforgettable linework

On more of the side of contemporary and fine arts work, Ni Doto creates beautiful designs that will illustrate your body with mastery. Her designs are beautiful and straightforward. Check out her work.

Ni Doto – Instagram

Berlin Tattoo Studio: AKA, a collective of tattooists to bring you joy

AKA is a small door between Hermannplatz and Kottbusser Tor. AKA is more than just a studio; they consider themselves a collective of tattooists who conjure art on its customers’ skin.

If what you want is a bit unconventional tattoo request, this may be the answer to your prayers—the artists who work here live the body cult and their craft.

If after browsing their Instagram, you find yourself indecisive, you can get advice from AKA of what would be the best artist for you. Alternatively, you can choose the tattoo artist yourself and contact them directly.

AKA Pflügerstrasse 6, Neukölln, Instagram / Website


Berlin tattoo artists: Sebastian Domaschke for your tarot dreams

Sebastian is one of the most famous names in the German tattoo scene and, in our opinion, one of the artists that you can immediately recognize the work on someone else’s skin. He has many years of experience and used to be the co-owner of Lowbrow Tattoo Parlour, a former private studio in the heart of Friedrichshain.

Sebastian even hosts one of the few German podcasts dedicated to tattoos and everything related. The podcast is in German.

Sebastian Domaschke – Instagram/ Podcast

flash tattoo - Berlin tattoo artists and studios

Tattoo Berlin studio: Sticks and Stones, another excellent option for excellent work in Neuköln

Sticks in Stones is a private studio in Neuköln that holds some of the best names in the scene. Choose from over ten artists to find your best match. This studio also welcomes guests from time to time.

Artists are in the old school and new traditional realm of styles, but you’ll find some mandalas and other beautiful styles too.

This studio is appointment only. Be sure to check their Instagram, choose your artist and schedule with them directly.

Sticks and Stones – Donaustraße 94, Neuköln – Instagram

Berlin Tattoo Artists: For the art nouveau lovers, here’s Germany’s best alternative, Lord Lips

Lars Uwe – or, like he likes to be called, Lord Lips – is probably the best for those in love with this fantastic style of tattooing. He is, by far, one of the greatest alternatives when it comes to immortalizing beautiful and timeless portraits, flowers and other aesthetically pleasing additions in your body. All his feature work on his Instagram fits so well to the body part where it was tattooed that it will make you go “wow”.

Lord Lips – Instagram

Tattoo Berlin studio: Iron Cobra tattoo for your unforgettable and bold ideas

A small door in the middle of Friedrichshain is all you need to go through to get one of the best options of eye-catching works in your body. Iron Cobra is near Frankfurter Tor and curated some of the best names in Berlin. Definitely worth a follow on Instagram or a visit in real life.

Iron Cobra Tattoo,  Petersburger Str. 96, Friedrichshain  Instagram

Berlin Tattoo Studio: Conspiracy Ink

Located where David Bowie used to live (it is true!), this studio is owned by Uncle Allan, a Danish immigrant in love with metal as the people who write this blog. Conspiracy Ink in Schöneberg is home to great artists that can bring your ideas to life for sure!

Conspiracy Ink, Haupstrasse 155, Schöneberg ,Instagram

Berlin Tattoo Studios: Herr Fuchs & Frau Bär are exclusively vegan.

Mr Fuchs, or Nico Kreuzig as his ID probably says, his wife, alias Frau Bär, are vegan for a while. And because of his views, he decided to be utterly animal-free in their work and opened a full vegan tattoo studio.
According to sources, Mr Fuchs’ tattoos made with vegan paint should be gentler on the skin and heal faster.

From a stylistic point of view, you can come to Mr Fox and Mrs Bear with the most varied wishes: The five tattoo artists do geometrical, Fineline/single needle and blackwork. We’ll provide you with their Instagram, but he states that he prefers to be contacted by email.

Mr. Fuchs & Mrs. Bär Senefelderstraße 9, Prenzlauer Berg, Instagram

Those are the recommendations we have for today. Feel free to exchange with us your recommended artists, your tattoos and all things related.

Before we leave you to explore our Berlin tattoo artists and studios recommendations, a piece of advice from tattooed people: Believe your tattoo artist.

They work with this, and you’ll be a living portfolio; there’s no reason for them to lie or try to trick you. If you are told that maybe another design would look best, perhaps the size is not correct or anything in this regard, chances are that they are right. Tattoo artists are professional and know what looks good and what doesn’t. We get that it is your body, but the actual knowledge of this craft belongs to them. Trust the professionals.

Ah! Another thing: Don’t ask tattoo artists to copy another person’s tattoo. It is disrespectful. To them, to the artist who did the tattoo and the person you are trying to copy.

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