If you like Berlin techno, the web series After Hours might not be new for you. This documentary about Berlin’s techno scene premiered into the world back in 2009, on the long gone website 3min.de. After the site was gone, this music series disappeared from the internet but, this week, we found a page on Facebook that seems to be publishing all of the 12 episodes of the series into Youtube.

Now, you can watch everything below!

When you watch the 12 episodes of After Hours, you can see how much has changed in the Berlin Techno scene since 2009. The world knows the Berlin is the techno capital of the world and a lot of people come to the city to see what is this all about. Due to the considerable demand, parties and clubs have to find ways to balance their underground values with the number of people that want to dance like there is no tomorrow.

After Hours take you back to 2009, a brief moment before Berlin’s international appeal started growing like crazy. The videos below show a time when Bar25 was still with us, where illegal raves were everywhere, and you didn’t need to queue in front of Berghain for 5 hours. On the video above, you can see a Neukölln Arcaden before the hipsters invaded and created Klunkerkranich. Also, there is a DJ set being played in the abandoned boat on the Spree we wrote about a while ago.

If you watched the movie Berlin Calling, you would love After Hours since it works as a real-life documentary version of the film. The web series follows three people in Berlin, during the summer of 2009. They go on party tours of Berlin and enjoy the spirit of the nightlife. For us, the most exciting part of the movies is how you can see the past of Berlin techno while you follow these three people around Berlin.

In After Hours, you can see a fresh techno scene, almost trashy and that looks like what most people want to see when they visit Berlin nowadays. You can also watch interviews with people like Danny Faber who used to work at Bar25, Dj Woody and DJ Oliver Koletzki and their words provided some background to anyone that wants to know how the nightlife used to be almost a decade ago.

When you watch After Hours, you can see a Berlin that is long gone. A city that was simpler, a nightlife where you would still pay less than five euros to party and where illegal raves were easy to spot. Where smartphones and selfies weren’t that popular and Facebook events weren’t the way to spread the word about your DJ gig. Where parties could happen anywhere and things felt more out of control. 

Take a look and travel back in time with us.

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