This time we’ll present to you one of the coolest people we met in Berlin over the past few years. She’s the responsible for one of the most audacious and notorious parties here in Berlin, the Pornceptual.

Raquel Fedato is our friend for a long time and even though we don’t share the same taste in music, we love her deeply and thank her for giving us her time to answer this questions.

Who is Raquel Fedato?

I am Raquel I was born and raised in São Paulo, but grew up between between two completely different cultures: Brazilian and German. My life has always been a big cultural mix: a mix of mentalities, behaviors and languages. Those made me develop a taste for the unexpected, which lead me into an art project called Pornceptual. With a strong background on events and administration, I previously worked for SoundCloud and Airbnb. But through Pornceptual I found a way of combining my three deepest passions: art, parties and management.

Why Berlin?

For the first time in my life, I feel like I am home. Due to my bi-cultural background, I never felt inserted into any culture, but the minute I set my foot into the city, I realized that here I could be myself without matching any cultural patterns.

Destroyed, reconstructed, divided and unified. Old time, present time, modern time. An intense place, full of different backgrounds and an unmeasurable charm. Berlin, I love you.

Raquel’s Favorite Spots in Berlin

Pornceptual Club Nights

If you are looking for a good portion of public sexiness, make sure to attend the Pornceptual parties. Turning the party scene of Berlin upside down with an erotic electro party, Pornceptual brings back the sexual liberty that Berlin was once famous for and now has totally lost it in its development towards the mainstream.

Coupled with a refusal to conform, expect loads of wilderness and a safe atmosphere to explore yourself in any way you may like.


In case you are hungover after the numerous parties you might attend in Berlin, Daluma is the perfect spot for a full recovery session. With a vegan, raw and organic menu, they serve delicious cold pressed juices, smoothies and superfood to bring back your energy. Located in the heart of Mitte on Weinbergsweg, it is ideal place to hang out in a sunny afternoon.

Sammlung Boros

This is for sure a must go, if you are into contemporary art. Set into an old bunker from the Second World War, Sammlung Boros is a private art collection, where you can find a series of different works from artists like Wolfgang Tillmans, Olafur Eliasson and Tomás Saraceno.

UntitledBesides a very well curated collection, the building itself is totally worth the visit. It definitely portraits the way Berlin developed throughout the years in a very accurate and unusual way.


Buchhandlung Walther König

Following the art path, this bookshop is exclusively dedicated to art history, architecture, photography, design and philosophy. Walther König Bookshop is home to many artists and it is the perfect place to spend rainy days. Make sure to save some hours for that, cause once you step inside the shop, you will feel like you are in paradise. Also if you are addicted to books, skip this stop, cause you will probably end up having to pay an extra weight fee for your luggage.



We all know how exhausting traveling can be sometimes. So if that is the case, Liquidrom should be included in your schedule. Also, did you ever wonder how does it feel to listen to music under the water? On Fridays and Saturdays evening, the spa hosts DJ sessions for you to get even deeper into relaxation.

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