If you’re dreaming of becoming a street photographer, some things are good to know. It would help if you got to know yourself as a photographer, learn to spot narratives in the city, and at some point, how to make your money from photography. Get some tips here with us.

Cities worldwide are packed with beautiful and peculiar streets, scenes, and people. Amazing street photographers capture all that and let the rest of us see city life in a new way. If you’re dreaming of becoming a street photographer and exploring the many cities around the world with your camera, then read these tips on how to get started.


Incredible travel photography tips: Know your shit before you do shit I can't stress thing enough: study your equipment, understand your camera so it can understand what you want and what you need from it. No travel photography tips will be useful if you don't know how to take the pictures, right?


First of the Best Tips for The Aspiring Street Photographer is to go and get a Good Camera and get familiar with it

One of the essential things for any aspiring street photographer is to have the right equipment. Invest in a proper camera that fits your needs. Price is not the only thing you should worry and in photography, being more expensive doesn’t always mean better.

You must look for a camera that will fit your lifestyle and desires. If you are a person that will never carry a bulky camera around, maybe a mirrorless is a good alternative? Think about what you need before opening your wallet. We have a whole section of the blog dedicated to reviews of photo gears if you want to take a look.

And it would be best to spend some time getting to know the camera and all its features. The better you know your camera, the easier it will be to capture the perfect images. Read some tips on how to capture the best street photographs on Adobe’s website. And if are looking for inspiration for places to go in Berlin or elsewhere, we have you covered.


Use Your Aesthetic Intuition

Street photography is all about capturing the exciting and unique aspects of everyday life in a city. When you first start to look around while walking the city streets, you’ll quickly find out that the spectacular scenes are everywhere. The best thing to do is as aspiring street photographers to trust your aesthetic intuition.

Spend some time learning how to notice the things that you find interesting. This could be everything from people and buildings to sewers or pigeons. You’ll also begin taking interesting photographs when you start seeing the small things.


Klima in Milos - Best beaches in Milos - Fotostrasse

Think about narrative

Images are all about telling a story. As the famous quote goes, a picture can say more than a thousand words. And as a street photographer, you’re telling a story. It is always a good idea to think about the narratives you want to tell early on. You can find many other photography tips here.

Create a Brand for Yourself

If you want to start making money off of your photographs, you should be focused on building a brand for yourself. These days brands sell. This is true for artists of any kind as well. One of the first things an artist needs is a beautiful and professional website. Consider finding a cool and unique name for yourself and your website.

Finding an artist’s name is often a good way for photographers to separate themselves from others and create a professional identity. If you’re not sure what such a name could be, you can visit https://biznamewiz.com/. This name generator helps find creative and unique words for businesses and brands.


And finally, the Best Tip for The Aspiring Street Photographer: Promote Your Photos.

A vital part of creating a brand and making money by taking photos is promotion. You should be focused on your digital presence.

There are many different platforms where most photographers promote themselves. It is a great way to get your photographs out to the public. Think about your brand and promote your pictures in the best possible way. It will help you get to the point where you can make money from taking photographs.

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