If you follow us on our social media channels, you may have read that we won the Big Blog Exchange and Fotostrasse will invade Asia pretty soon!

And when I say pretty soon, I mean in November. And when I say Asia, I mean Philippines!

I gotta confess that I wasn’t expecting something so exotic but I guess I’m 3x more anxious with this destination! So many islands, so many amazing landscapes, cultures and languages that I’m feeling a little dizzy with all the thinking about all the places I would love to be sent to!

As a good Brazilian/Italian, I gotta say that I’m praying that is a beach or something that involves swimming and laying in the sun. Specially because I’ll be leaving Berlin in the middle of autumn and we all know that everybody here must grab all the sun and warm weather as we can before the winter, right?

It’s funny that I’ll be going to Philippines since this past week, in Porvoo, I met the nicest Swedish Blogger ever: Katarina Söderberg, and she was telling me how the Philippines is her 2nd home and how amazing the people over there are! It actually made me research a little bit about the country those past few days because of how much her eyes shined when the subject was her experience with Filipinos and their awesome vast culture.

I want to thank Hi Hostels and everybody on the jury for the vote of confidence and the opportunity to get to know another continent and maybe swim in one more see/ocean (yes, I have this tiny imaginary achievements badges in my mind and I would love to swim on every see and ocean around the globe before I die).

Before I end this post, I want to introduce you all to Tessa. She’s the blogger from the Philippines that will come to Europe. Take a look on how amazing the world is through her eyes and give her the warmest hello once she’s here at Fotostrasse!

Philippines here we go!