The Chubby and Cute Botero Cat

A Symbol of Barcelona's Vibrant Art Scene

If you’re a cat lover and happen to be in Barcelona, one of the must-see attractions is the Botero Cat. This iconic bronze sculpture has become a symbol of the city and the Raval neighborhood, where it currently resides at the end of the avenue.

The Botero Cat has an interesting history that spans over 15 years.

It was purchased by Barcelona City Council in 1987. Until 2003, it wandered the city streets, searching for a permanent location. It made stops at various places, including the Parc de la Ciutadella and a site near the Olympic Stadium.

Still, it wasn’t until 2003 that it found its permanent home at the end of the newly created Rambla del Raval. This is where we visited the Botero Cat while on a trip to Barcelona in 2019. We read somewhere about this piece of art in the city streets and knew we had to go there to check it out.

The sculpture was created by the renowned Colombian artist Fernando Botero, and it’s one of his most recognized works. The chubby, rounded form, childish features, and long tail of the cat make it easily recognizable, and it’s a favorite meeting place for locals and tourists alike. Some even climb onto the cat’s back to take photos! We saw some kids trying to do that but didn’t reach the top.

The Botero Cat has become integral to the Raval neighborhood and symbolizes Barcelona’s vibrant cultural scene. It’s a testament to the city’s commitment to public art and should be one of Barcelona’s most visited tourist attractions.

In addition to the Botero Cat, you can also check out another of Botero’s works, the Horse. This sculpture has been standing in Terminal 2 of Barcelona Airport since 1992 and has become a meeting point for passengers. Based on the pictures we saw online, the Horse is similar in style to the cat.

It follows the visual style that Fernando Botero has, with a chubby form and childlike features, making it an excellent start to your trip to Barcelona.

The Botero Cat is a must-see attraction for any cat lover in Barcelona. Its interesting history and unique style make it a symbol of the city and an integral part of its cultural heritage.

Take advantage of the opportunity to experience this iconic sculpture during your trip to Barcelona.

Botero Cat

The Chubby and Cute Botero Cat: A Symbol of Barcelona’s Vibrant Art Scene

Rambla del Raval, 08001

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