The city of Potsdam is a must go if you’re already traveling to Berlin. It is just a few minutes S-Bahn ride from Berlin’s city center and will give you a mixture of history, beauty, castles and unbelievable gardens. And it is also a great idea to get yourself a hotel or a boutique hotel in Potsdam if you’re looking for a quieter scape filled with charm, nature, and culture.

There is a vast range of accommodation when you’re talking about Potsdam. After all, this city can offer you the castles and gardens we covered on our post about what to do with your parents, but also gives you the most authentic urban explorations sites (according to us), like Krampnitz. Plan yourself to get a hotel in Potsdam for the weekend. And the rest you can choose one of the many areas from Berlin depending on what you want. And keep in mind that in high season, it is not uncommon for Berlin to literally gets full. We mean; no hotel rooms available. If that’s the case, you can always have a 25€ discount on Airbnb using our exclusive code. It is not the same but you can find great rooms in Potsdam and Berlin.

Here it is a list of the best hotels and boutique hotels in Potsdam for you to choose. If you have any question regarding those, please make sure you leave a comment or talk to us directly on our Facebook Group.

Hotel Villa Monte Vino

This hotel is located above the world famous Sanssouci Palace. Hotel Villa Monte Vino is right on a lush hill with an incredible view of its vineyard. If your primary goal is to visit one of the most important castles in Postdam or if you’re going during the warm months, this is your hotel in Potsdam. The garden from Sanssouci is just breathtaking. Hotel Villa Monte Vino is the perfect boutique hotel in Potsdam for a romantic scape with your loved one.

Hotel am Jägertor Potsdam

Did you know that in the city of Potsdam you can pretend you’re in the Netherlands? Well, you can! And Hotel am Jägertor happens to be inside the Dutch Quarter of Potsdam, making it the perfect choice.
As the name suggests, the hotel is very close to the oldest gate in Potsdam, the Jägertor – or Hunters Gate. It is a 19th-century building following the neoclassical architecture style. It is gorgeous. This boutique hotel in Potsdam also served as a nursing home, a guest house in WWII and as a state-run hotel during the DDR. And since the Berlin Wall is no more, this beautiful boutique hotel in Potsdam and its 61 rooms are open to all.

Das kleine Haus im Hof – Remise Blumberg Hotel in Potsdam

This charming bed and breakfast are one of the cutest options in this list. It is not a real boutique hotel, but the charming ambience is there and should be checked. It is set within pretty gardens in central Potsdam. Spacious rooms meet a, what can only be described as mouth-watering breakfast. Besides holding the two most important features for a hotel in our opinion, it is in a walking distance for many of the top attractions. It is the perfect base for people looking for a weekend escape of exploring Potsdam.

XIX Neunzehn Hotel in Potsdam

XIX Neunzehn Hotel is a red brick Dutch-style hotel, located in the heart of the Dutch Quarter. Neunzehn is nineteen in German and XIX is nineteen in Roman numbers. I can only presume it is because the building is from 1919, but can also be that the owner really likes the number 19. Who knows?

XIX Neunzehn is a 4-star hotel and a fantastic restaurant. There are only five rooms and a huge event space, making it perfect for a big group or even a romantic trip. The restaurant is one of the best fine food places in the area. And the hotel is only a few meters from St. Nicholas Church, Nauener Gate, and Potsdam’s palaces. This hotel is perfect for our most sophisticated readers looking for nothing less but the perfect boutique hotel in Potsdam.

Schlossgarten Hotel am Park von Sanssouci

Schlossgarten Hotel am Park von Sanssouci is located – you guessed it – in Park von Sanssouci. This hotel is inside the stunning Potsdam Villa Quarter. At the end of this post, you can see a map with all the hotels. Schlossgarten Hotel is the closest to Sanssouci.

Besides being one of the best boutique hotels in Potsdam, it is only a few steps from our favorite palace, the Neues Palais. And the list doesn’t stop there; you can reach Sanssouci, the Chinese Teahouse, the Charlottenhof, and the Orangerie within minutes.

All rooms are individually designed and have a different touch that can fit with the atmosphere of the hotel. Schlossgarten Hotel offers luxury atmosphere during your stay. A perfect stay for couples.

Altstadt Hotel in Potsdam

Altstadt Hotel is in the heart of the Old Town in Potsdam. And like most of the old towns in Europe, it is filled with charm, traditional architecture, and history. Altstadt translates into Old Town, for those who have zero knowledge of German.

This boutique hotel in Potsdam is a just short walk from the shopping district in the city center, making it perfect for groups of friends that want to explore Potsdam’s differently. And it is also close to top sights for when buying things is not your primary goal.

The cool thing about this boutique hotel is the afternoon coffee it offers. It is the traditional German coffee in the cool and elegant cafe the hotel has. Kaffee & kuchen – or coffee and cake – is as German as sausage. And it is one of the traditions we like the most here in this place.

Hotel Brandenburger Tor

For everyone’s surprise, the Hotel Brandenburger Tor it is not in Berlin. Did you know that there’s a smaller Brandenburger Tor in the Old Town of Potsdam? Well, now you know. And the Hotel Brandenburger Tor is next to it, as the name suggests.

It is one of the most popular boutique hotels in this list. Hotel Brandenburg offers an excellent home vibe with a luxury twist to it, lots of rooms, proximity to loads of essential sites and one of the best views. Staying there you will never run out of options for bars and restaurants in your time in Potsdam.

Hotel NH Potsdam

Are you looking for more than just a hotel? If you’re looking for a relaxing time in a modern spa hotel, Hotel NH Potsdam is for you. A high-end hotel option in the heart of Potsdam.

Contemporary art, great food, and outstanding ambiance are just a few high points of this hotel. Besides all this, there’s a restaurant with the front part covered in glass, making it one of the coziest options for the winter months.

NH is a worldwide company, and for that, you can expect the best service. In the middle of many boutique hotels, I wanted to give an option for those looking for more trusted brands.

Hotel am Luisenplatz

The last hotel on our list has a baroque style and ambiance. As the name suggests, it is in Luisenplatz in the old town of Potsdam. It is funny how creativity and imagination are not qualities you can find on people responsible for naming hotels, right?

This hotel in Potsdam is one of the largest in our list with almost 40 rooms. It is not necessarily a boutique hotel but, like the previous example in this list of boutique hotels in Potsdam, we’re loose on the therm here. Besides that, the hotel offers sauna, two restaurants and more. It is an excellent option for groups that want to explore the cities by day and night. Since its location is excellent for sightseeing and for checking our Potsdam’s best bars like Unscheinbar and Bar Gelb.

Don’t forget to click on the image below to open the gallery with more photos of Potsdam and all the sights close to this and other of the hotels in Potsdam we showed here!

We genuinely hope that this list can give you some clarity when it comes to finding your accommodation in Potsdam. If you have another hotel in Potsdam that you want to see featured here, let us know by leaving a comment here or talking to us on our Facebook Group.