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With tellers (or in English: main dish) starting of just 4,50€, this Arabic place in Sonneallee is a must. Falafel, Makali, Kibbeh, hummus and more are waiting for you with free wifi and great staff.


Germany had only been united for a short time when the people who run the Berlin Channel decided to rent a helicopter and fly over the city that had recently come together again. Since that day in 1991, when they flew over Berlin, they captured a video you should watch on full screen. It’s something!

My first time visiting a three country border was when I visited Aachen, the westernmost city in Germany. It took me a few hours on a train to get there but I didn’t care, I wanted to go there to see the city and to see where Germany, Netherlands and Belgium meet, just to be able to run from one country to the other.

Where Germany, Netherlands and Belgium meet close to Aachen

The first time I ever visited a place where three countries meet was when I went to Aachen, a city in western Germany. It took me a few hours on a train to get there. Still, I didn’t mind because I was excited to explore the city and see the spot where Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium come together. I thought it would be fun to run from one country to another!

David Bowie's Berlin - a tour of Bowie's Berlin years with Fotostrasse


Imagine if I told you you could go to one of the prettiest planets in Star Wars. Did you know Naboo is less than 50 minutes away from Milan by car? Would you get super excited like we did? I’m sure you would!

One of the last episode highlights is when Beth takes a stroll around the Moscow streets and meets with some people playing chess. At the Moscow hotel, this scene was shot on Karl-Marx-Allee, and we managed to go there and find the exact same spot where the series was filmed.


Berlin is well-known for its reputation of being “rude.” The term “Berliner Schnauzer” describes this famous trait of Berliners known for being straightforward and speaking their minds. Sometimes, their directness may be misunderstood as rudeness. Therefore, we believed it would benefit everyone to learn how to say “shut up” in German.

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Exploring the National Socialism Documentation Center in Köln

Exploring the National Socialism Documentation Center in Köln

Discover the National Socialism Documentation Center in Köln, Germany. As the largest regional memorial site dedicated to the victims of the Nazi regime, it offers a remarkable journey through Cologne’s history during the Nazi era. You will immerse yourself in its exhibitions, witness the preserved Gestapo prison, and gain invaluable insights into this significant European history chapter.

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