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Five places around Neukölln that you must try!

Why do I love brunches so much?”  Is this a question I asked myself a few month ago – I love brunch so much that I caught myself googling “brunch Berlin” every week to find a new brunch to eat. The answer was because brunches are the only social convention where it is acceptable to drink before noon!

To celebrate this, I will present you a list of the best places to drink before noon in Neukölln and “Kreuzkölln”! Brunch Berlin will be an excellent pocket guide for your tipsy or hangover Sundays.

Turkish Breakfast at La Femme

La Femme‘s food is proportionally inverse to its ability in choosing the right style for interior design – or one style. It has everything at the same time right now.

Wild wild west, street art, pictures of Berlin, Arabic Calligraphy and the best food in Kottbusser Damm. Ah! It is not French like the name suggests, ok? We are talking about one of the best Turkish places for brunch in Neukölln.

The price goes from “I don’t believe that it is so cheap” all the way to “Only 7€ for all this?“.

Whatever you choose, make sure you get the simit. A Turkish round bread with lots of sesame seeds. It is the best one we ever had in our lives! For sure a mandatory stop on our list called “Brunch in Berlin“.

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Brunch Berlin = Italian Focaccias. Only at Barettino

This time the name gives out the food’s nationality. Barettino is THE Italian option for your brunch. And please notice that I did not mention any Sunday in the previous sentence, ok? Barettino served delicious breakfast food all day long, all week long! It is like the Italian heaven of waking up late.

Barettino says on its menu “coffee to cum” but I have to add that it was the best panini I ever had in my life. I am not kidding; this place holds the secret of the perfect bread dough.

We’ve been there only once, and we tried the panini, the focaccia, the salad and the actual breakfast. But on their menu, they have everything from lasagna all the way to freshly squeezed juices and alcoholic drinks.

Also is cheap as hell and you will eat like a queen (or king) with fresh and bio ingredients. So no cancer for you!

Californian Breakfast at Cabslam

Voted by me as the best huevos rancheros I’ve ever had, Cabslam made this list not just because of the amount of good options.  It made its way into the list because in a near past when it was in a different location and probably under different management, it held the position of the worst place I’ve ever set my little foot at.

Gotta say that it was a bit hard for me to give it another chance after such a bad experience like that one I had in 2012, but this place got so much better than I feel silly about not going there earlier.

If you had the same experience as me, I’m telling you: give Cabslam another try!

American Styled Breakfast at Lagari

Located in the exact place where the bad version of Cabslam was, Lagari is an excellent option if you like the American style breakfast food.

Pancakes, waffles are some of the options, but Lagari also has some Mexican inspired dishes like “breakfast burrito” in veggie and meat versions.

This place made my list because, as a lover of vegetarian and vegan food, I have to include places where dishes made with tofu tastes great! It is not every place that pays attention to the vegetarian portion of their customers, unfortunately. But for my vegan and vegetarian friends, here is a full list of some wonderful vegan restaurants in Berlin.

Great Breakfast Cafe Rix

For sure one of the best brunch buffets in Neukölln. Cafe Rix has the most beautiful interior architecture of all the options here, and its incredible variety of hot and cold options is a must try if you’re looking for a great place to have your brunch on a Sunday.

Bread, eggs, sausages, mushrooms, ham, pasta, fresh fruit, and yogurt is just some of the fantastic things you’ll find it over the vast buffet.

Please remember to reserve your table in advance at Cafe Rix, ok? The brunch goes from 10 am all the way to 2:30 pm and costs around 10,50€ per person (prices 2015).




La Femme

Cafe Rix

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Hope you like our suggestions! Remember that Brunch Berlin is an open list and we would love to hear your ideas as well. If you have any suggestions of places to have breakfast, leave a comment here or on our facebook group and tell us where to go and what to order!

And since you’re here, why don’t you choose one of those pins to share the tips with your friends?

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