Cat Café Budapest

Since we cannot travel with cats, we tried the next best thing

What if you are traveling through the beautiful Budapest and you have a sudden urge to admire some random fluffy felines? We present you the super cozy Cat Café Budapest. It’s not a secret that Fotostrasse loves cats, so when we heard about this place, we just needed to check it out.

Once inside they ask you if it is your first time there and give you all the guidelines to interact with the cats. Please clean your hands before, don’t wake any of them up, don’t take pictures with flash and no kids under 8, this last one might wreck some peoples plans, but not all kids know how to handle animals and apparently, they had problems with it before.

This might seem excessive for some, but all the rules were one of the reasons why we decided to write about this place. The cats seemed well taken care of, and they even had places to go away from people if they needed so.

There were a bunch of kittens strolling around with their tails up, a few were sleeping quite profoundly, and others interacted with the customers, like this giant Maine Coon that kept making biscuits over a clients knit hat while another one warmed himself up on top of the heater.

Besides all the fluffy friends, this is a café by itself and a surprisingly good one! There is a bit variety of pastries and drinks (including alcoholic ones) to choose from. I ordered a Catpuccino (890 HF ≈ €2,83) and an apple almond tart (840 HF≈ €2,67), both were incredibly good! The pie was not super sweet, full of almonds and apples, and quite big actually. You might find that things here are a bit on the expensive side, but this is not your ordinary café.

When you arrive they might have a sign on the outside asking for you to wait because they are full if so, wait a minute, and when a table is free, you might get in. If you like to plan, you can book a table on their website, so no wait is needed.

If you are around and are a cat-coffee-pastry lover like us, come check this place out!

The Cat Café is located at Budapest, Révay u. 3, 1065 Hungary and you can find out more on their website.

Cat Café Budapest

Cat Café Budapest

Budapest, Révay u. 3, 1065 Hungary

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