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Unusual Things to See in Hamburg

We have been to Hamburg quite a few times, and we can easily describe it as our second favorite city in Germany. Because of all our visits, we decided it was time to put together a list of our favorite unusual things to see in Hamburg.

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The Blankenese Shipwrecks in Hamburg

They mysteriously rise from the Elbe as a reminder of the Hanseatic past of a city like Hamburg. These are the Blankenese Shipwrecks, and it’s easy to spot them when you follow the Falkensteiner Ufer along the Elbe.

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Old Elbe Tunnel: Exploring the Hamburg Underground

Back in 1911, when the Old Elbe Tunnel was opened to the public, it was an engineering marvel of the world. Back then it was called the St. Pauli Elbe Tunnel due to the area where the tunnel is located but, like the St. Pauli neighborhood, a lot has changed in the last years.

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Prizeotel Hamburg-City: A Budget Design Hotel for Everybody

Prizeotel Hamburg City is a budget design hotel located a few minutes from Hamburg’s central train and bus stations. Very close to Hafencity, this hotel is located in a quiet neighborhood and has a fantastic shower and a huge bed that will make you sleep like a king.

Designed by the famous Karim Rashid, this is a great design hotel on a budget. Continue reading, and you will understand why!

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