Are you tired of the usual laidback, relaxed vacation? Are you thinking of taking your trip to the next level? Maybe it’s time for an adventurous holiday. If you are struggling to think of where you could jet off to, this list includes countries to inspire your next adventure:

Your next adventure stop: Japan

There are endless things you can do in Japan, but why not start by enjoying the challenging water sports at Yoshinogawa River, a four-hour drive from Osaka City. It is considered as one of Japan’s thrilling rafting spots. Or, why not trek through the untouched nature in Yakushima. The small island is 100 km away from the city of Kagoshima and the tree-covered forest is a popular trekking place for most tourists. If you are into diving and snorkeling, the waters of Okinawa are also a must see. Snorkeling into the clear waters of Blue Cave in Onna or Ishigaki Island is an activity that can be participated by tourists of all ages. If you now fancy travelling to Japan, there are a number of travel agents who will be able to help you plan a tailor made trip to Japan.

Osaka, Japan
Sun Rise Runaway Bay Jamaica.


Whilst Jamaica is home to iconic, stunning Caribbean beaches, there are also a number of activities you can do whilst there. For instance, feel like a bird soaring through the thick forest on a zip line, or experience the hanging bridges in the Montego Bay canopy tour. There are also a number of caves to explore whilst there; why not take on the challenge of a cave expedition whilst on the tropical island. We have a full board on our Pinterest filled with Jamaica and other countries from the Caribbean to get inspiration from!


A popular tourist destination for its beautiful beaches and resorts, Fiji, also offers adventurous activities for active travelers. Skydive as high as 14,000 feet in the air while enjoying the breathtaking scenery below– the waters, the sandy resorts, and the beautiful island. Take pleasure in a Jet Ski island adventure in Monuriki Island. Enjoy the scenery of the clear waters and coral reefs while taking trips to the marvelous Mamanuca Islands.

taveuni meer

We already gave you this tip for you next adventure, visit Nepal!

Another awesome adventurous destination is the small, beautiful country of Nepal. We have a lot of content about it, including videos! Nepal is just wonderful!

Waterfall Ice Climbing is not only popular for its tough frozen water, but also the amazing view you get to see as you climb. Another exciting activity is bungee jumping, safari and canyon swing. It takes courage to plunge off a tropical canyon at 106 meters over Bhote Koshi, Nepal’s wildest river. To make most of your adventure, you can also trek and indulge in the world’s highest canyon swing.


Ever fancied planning a trip to Vietnam? If so, adventure awaits you. This country is rich with an intriguing history and culture. One of the best activities to do in this place is exploring explore the incredible landscapes of Ha Giang’s Northern Loop. If you’re into more adventurous activities, canyoning in Dalat is perfect for you. The 8 meters plunge into the cascading waterfall is an activity that would keep your adrenalin rushing. Besides, Vietnam has one of our favorite cousines ever! We simply love Vietnamese food. We even wrote a full article about Vietnamese food in Berlin.


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