Drinking beers at Hopfenreich

One of the oldest Craft Beer Bars in Berlin

When I moved to Berlin, back in 2012, I was surprised about the variety of beers that I found in most spätis. But, after a couple of years, it became a little bit boring. This is why I decided to explore the craft beer bar scene in Berlin, and one of the first places I visited was the fantastic Hopfenreich in Kreuzberg.

According to their website, Hopfenreich was founded back in 2014, after the first Brewfest Berlin. Since I was there at Brewfest, I can say that Berlin needed something like that, and I’m glad that craft beer found its way into Berlin.

Hopfenreich claims to be the first craft beer bar in Berlin, and I cannot find any other place that claims that. I feel like, maybe, Vagabund in Wedding, is a little bit older but I might be wrong. At the end, who cares about it?

Hopfenreich is located in a surprisingly quiet corner in Kreuzberg. Close to the party center that is Schlesisches Tor, this is a place to taste some beers before you head towards another bar or go clubbing. At least, this is what I do when I visit this excellent craft beer bar.

There you will find an ambient that remembers the old Ecke Kneipe bars of Berlin. But this is a new kind of corner bar, one with twenty-two different types of beers from the tap. Every time that I go there, I can taste something new since they rotate the beers quite often with local beers and other ones from all around the globe.

One of my favorite details in the bar is how the beers come from taps that were built into old machinery and the huge mural that decorates one of the walls. There you can learn more about different types of beers and, maybe, try something new from the tap.

Hopfenreich is located next to the U-Bahn Schlesisches Tor, but you can see it better on the map below. They’re open daily, from 16:00 on, and you will love to visit it.

Also, they offer beer tasting!

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Hopfenreich, one of the oldest Craft Beer Bars in Berlin

Sorauer Str. 31, 10997


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