Do I need a Visa for Europe?

All you must know about Europe's new visa system, the ETIAS

Did you know that from 2021 all the countries that now don’t need a visa for the EU will need to apply for one? Even the people that are planning a simple Eurotrip of less than two weeks?

In this post we’ll talk about ETIAS and how does it work for you. From what does this means to where you need to go to apply for your visa for Europe.

Do I need a Visa for Europe?

Right now, depending on where you’re from, you don’t need anything for a tourist trip of fewer than 90 days. Countries like Brazil, Canada, Australia, and the US are on this list. But I know that if you’re from Russia, India or China or something, you need. It mainly depends on the diplomatic agreement between your country and the EU. On this website, you can put your where you’re from and where you want to go and find out all about it.

Do I need to have a European bank account?

You can open your European bank account in less than five minutes with N26 if you want. While it is not required to get your visa, can make your life a bit easier with money withdrawal and all. You must always remember that Germany is not a big fan of accepting credit cards and you still need to have cash with you for beers and food.

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Traveling inside the Schengen Area

People who want to travel to Europe from 2012 on will need to do things a bit different in the future. Recommendations go from having the ETIAS printed twice and bringing it with you all the times. That is the official information. The reality we’ll now only in 2012. Right now there’s also the recommendation of having your passport together with you at all times, but we advise you against that. Especially when you’re traveling to cities known by its pickpockets like Paris and Barcelona. Berlin is also a great example where we genuinely think you should carry only a copy and not the original! Keep this in mind.

You’ll be asked to show your ETIAS every time you board on a plane, train or boat. So maybe have copies together at all times and the better version or the originals only on the day you’re traveling from country to country inside EU.

What is ETIAS and why a Visa for Europe now?

ETIAS stands for Electronic Travel Information and Authorization System. It was created by the EU and will affect residents from 60 nations, including the ones that right now can travel visa-free.

From the looks of it, this new Visa for Europe will be easy to apply, and you’ll get in within minutes. It will arrive on your email, without any troubles. We hope that this is true.

This visa for Europe was created to intensify the control and security of EU members. Another layer against terrorism for example but not only. They want to have better control of illegal immigration, increase the speed on borders and be more efficient other security-related crimes. That includes human and animal trafficking and some others.

If you were ever on a plane from Brazil to Europe, you know how long the lines and the waiting time can be. One time I waited over 70 minutes to have my passport checked. There are far too many cases of missing connections due to huge lines like that. Anything to minimize that is valid, I guess. We need to see in action to decide for sure how we feel about it but looks not so bad. What do you think?

Is this new Visa for Europe similar to the ESTA that is required for entering the US?

Exactly. We’re calling it a visa for Europe, but in reality, the ETIAS is more of an Authorization for traveling. A waiver visa is the better name for it.

ETIAS or Schengen Visa? Which one do I need?

Europe is for a long time, the most significant and most important tourist destination in the world.
Depending on where you’re from, you’ll need to apply to a Schengen Visa. The ETIAS will be valid for the non-EU residents that currently don’t need to apply to the Schengen Visa. However, if you’re denied your ETIAS, you’ll need to get a Schengen Visa.


What if my ETIAS gets canceled?

Well, this is a reality just like it is a reality for the applicants for the ESTA in the United States. It will happen if they have reasons to believe that your ETIAS’s form has some not-so-true information provided by you (aka, you lied!). Or if you get your passport stolen during or before your travels. That is why we said above to have copies and not the originals, remember?

How can I apply for my visa for Europe?

From 2021, most of the people living in North, Central and South America will need a visa for Europe. On the official list, more than Americans, Australians, and some other Non-EU European countries will also need to apply for it.

You can request your visa for Europe by filling up an online form.

It will be valid for three years, required for every single person that is over 18 years old that wants to travel to Europe. Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. There’s a link where you can find out all you must have and need to do to apply for your visa for Europe. Check this great source of detailed information for Canadians, Brazilians and much more.

A final word about this visa to Europe and Eurotrip in general

Remember that we have a guide to the perfect Eurotrip if you need, also remember that to enter Europe with or without a visa, you need to have insurance. Make sure your insurance covers accidents, pre-existent conditions and all that for the complete duration of your trip and in all the countries you’re visiting! Also pay attention to the fine print, if you need to pay in advance and then apply for your money back, or if you’re covered since the start. We always use this one and for us, it is the best. It is valid for the whole world, not just Europe. So if your next trip is beyond EU or Schengen, that is especially valid for you. Here are some of the reasons we like this company.

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