East Side Gallery

The longest surviving stretch of the Berlin Wall

As the longest surviving stretch of the Berlin Wall, the East Side Gallery is a living monument to the city’s tumultuous past and a powerful symbol of its enduring spirit of resilience and unity.

This article will look closer at the East Side Gallery, exploring its history, significance, and artistic legacy. If you’re planning a trip to Berlin or want to learn more about this landmark, you can just read on to discover why the East Side Gallery is one of the city’s most compelling and unforgettable destinations.

On our first time in Berlin more than ten years ago, we walked from Kreuzberg, crossing the Oberbaumbrücke. And getting to the East Side Gallery. It was a place we remember reading and hearing people talk about, and we knew we needed to see it with our own eyes.

Berlin’s East Side Gallery is a world-renowned tourist attraction that blends art and history uniquely and powerfully. Once a symbol of division and oppression, the Berlin Wall has become the world’s longest open-air gallery, stretching over one kilometer along the banks of the Spree River in Friedrichshain.

At 1316 meters long, the East Side Gallery is the longest section of the Berlin Wall still in existence. And it stands today as a true testament to the city’s resilience and spirit.

After the wall came down in 1989, 118 artists from 21 countries began painting the East Side Gallery, with over a hundred paintings created on what was once the east side of the wall. Some of the most famous works at the East Side Gallery include Birgit Kinder‘s Trabant breaking through the wall and Dmitri Vrubel‘s Fraternal Kiss.

These paintings, along with many others, provide a powerful commentary on the political changes of the time and continue inspiring visitors worldwide.

The East Side Gallery is a living monument to the power of art and the human spirit. Still, it is also subject to the ravages of time and weather. That’s why the East Side Gallery e.V., an artists’ initiative, was founded in 1996 to restore and preserve the works. In 2009, the entire gallery was restored by 87 artists, and 100 paintings was repainted.

To make the most of your visit, walk towards Ostbahnhof to see all the famous paintings, including The Kiss, and take in the impressive sights of the longest open-air gallery in the world.

Getting to the East Side Gallery is easy as it’s between the Warschauer Straße and Ostbahnhof railway stations, easily accessible by U-Bahn, S-Bahn, and tram. And it’s easy to walk there without many issues.

The East Side Gallery is not just a tourist attraction; it’s a testament to the power of art and the human spirit. It’s a place that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime to experience the history and culture of Berlin.

East Side Gallery in Berlin

East Side Gallery in Berlin

East Side Gallery in Berlin

Mühlenstraße 3-100, 10243 Berlin


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