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Our favorite food spots in Berlin

This city is filled with great options to drink and eat Berlin, but the trick is to avoid the tourist traps that come along when you choose to go to one of the most visited capitals in Europe. This post will give you a list of places you must go when you want to eat and drink in Berlin in style without ruining your budget.

And, we know that we have a tendency of adding too many places around Neukölln and Kreuzberg. We know that, and we are going to continue with that. If you’re a bit lost with those names, I suggest you have a look at this post explaining the areas in Berlin.

Try the perfect burger at Berlin Burger International

First of all, we can’t stress that enough. We did posts about it, we regularly show it on our Instagram stories, and we tell people all the time: Berlin Burger International is the best burger in town. It couldn’t be out of a list named “Eat Berlin,” right?

Don’t forget to try the chilli cheese fries or the chilli cheese sweet potato fries, ok? And every month they have a different flavour for you to choose from, but the regular options are also unimaginably excellent. It is not every day that you find a side of fries shining alone, as the main character on the show, we call it “Our taste buds”.

It is also important to say that even though BBI is a burger place, they have vegetarian/vegan options too! And we have friends that love those.


Read more: 52 weeks of Burger – A compilation of the best and worst burgers in Berlin

Imren is the best Döner you can ever have

And for those who have no idea what a döner is, let me explain. A döner kebab is a Turkish-inspired dish made of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie, and it was invented in Berlin. Usually, lamb is the meat of choice, but sometimes you can find beef. In Berlin, it’s pretty standard to find the chicken version also. Imren is a Turkish joint on the corner of Fuldastr and Karl Marx Str. It is right in front of Rathaus Neukölln U7 Station. There are also the other locations of Imren’s shop on the map below, but the one we are adding to the Eat Berlin list is the Neukölln branch.  And they are, easily, the best döner you will eat in Berlin. Simple, cheap, delicious are some words I can use to give you an idea of this place.

Forget that Mustafa place in Kreuzberg; go for Imren Grill&Döner!!!

And even with a döner being only €4ish, it is real beef, and all the ingredients are super fresh – so forget about those plastic-like döners you can find in 99% of the Turkish places here in Berlin; ok? It is just not worth it to go to those when you have Imren open until pretty late at night. This place keeps its doors opens on weekends until 4 am usually. At least the ones in Kreuzberg and Neukölln are.

Another cool thing about Imren is that they have the best lentil soup of my life. I mean, it is magic! That shit can cure hangovers!!! And the fresh Ayran, which is a yoghurt-based drink that is so good, my mouth is watering as I write this part of the Eat Berlin list.

Been there, done that, survived enough to be here writing you this post. Trust me!
The guys working at Imren saw me on my best and worst days. I lost count on how often I showed up on a late Sunday wearing my PJ because I was so hungover that I could even bother changing.

Eat fish with old German fellas at Rogacki

Rogacki is simple the perfect reason you were asking for to get yourself on the U-Bahn to go to Charlottenburg finally. We know it is far, but it is so good. Oh my Glob, it is so good! Deserves a place on this Eat Berlin list with a golden star next to its name.

Also, Rogacki has been in this same location since 1932.  Once you go inside it’s like a Back to the Future I effect; you instantly is transported to the past.  The lovely ladies that serve you are super cute old German ladies and their hair is usually with that cool retro style that demands to sleep with curls or something.

And how do I know that? Because even if I tried to get a cool hairstyle like that, I just can’t. Demands the time to practice and the coordination that only years of experience can give you. The staff uniforms are also super old fashion, and that’s one of the reasons why I love Rogacki so much.

You can order your food to stay or to go, and they have dishes or just snacks. Fish, selfish, roll mops and more.

Al Hanan for the most fabulous Arabic food teller ever


And with tellers (or in English: main dish) starting of just €4,50, this Arabic place in Sonneallee is a must. Falafel, Makali, Kibbeh, hummus and more are waiting for you with free wifi and great staff.

Also, I have to say that the best friendly service I get here in Berlin is, usually, in Turkish and Arabic business for some reason. I don’t know, and they smile more. But the staff on Al Hanan is a step above the norm.

Almost all the times I’m there, I order the köfte and halloumi teller and get a free pita bread and a glass of black tea. It is the perfect meal for my day.

Oysters and Fish Sandwiches at Atlantik Fischladen

And remember on item four when I told you that most times the friendlier service I get is in Turkish places? I must say that this is not the case with Atlantik Fischladen. The service, like many other places in Berlin, is terrible. But if I keep coming back is because something must be good, right? Be prepared because Berlin is full of places with terrible service and rude staff, and this Eat Berlin list will showcase many of those.

And it is the fresh oysters for 2€* and the fish sandwiches they have.

Also, the place reminds me of many restaurants you can find everywhere in Brazilian cities like Rio de Janeiro. The laid-back environment, the plastic tables and chairs, the sitting on the sidewalk, the terrible service… Atlantik Fischladen is the small Rio de Janeiro in Berlin – but Turkish.

So go there. Order your food. Wait ten years for the food to arrive. Get pissed off about it. Try the food. Think, “Mmmmm, the food is awesome.” Forget why you were pissed off in the first place. Repeat.

Welcome to my life.

*Price of when this article was written

Bierfabrik and the best craft beer to drink in Berlin


Edit 2020: This place is no longer open.

Bierfabrik is so good that it made me start liking IPA and Pale Ale. And before our visit, I was that kind of person that only wants Helles, Weiss, pilsner, and lager. No dark beer, no strong beer, no strange and weird beer.

After Bierfabrik, I can proudly say that I like at least one kind of stout, and I often drink IPA.  

And Bierfabrik is a small company in Marzahn that produces some of the best beer on the craft beer scene here in Berlin.

In front of the brewery, there’s a bar with their blond and dark beers, but you can also check them out and buy some for your house. It is literally across the street.

And we wrote an article about those guys a while ago; check it out for more information about the history and the different kinds of beer they have

Eat Berlin goes fancy: Lebensmittel in Mitte

Another great option for your food tour in Berlin: Lebensmittel. It is a beautiful and cozy place in the heart of Berlin. Located in Mitte, it is a super sweet option if you want a stylish and unique experience.

Like most restaurants around the world, the lunch menu is by far the most budget-friendly you can have, even tho I don’t consider the dinner to be a big splurge if you consider how fantastic this food is.

And try the käsespätzle, and it was my favorite.

Taiwanese beef house like a boss

Beef House’s food quality is inversely proportional to the quality of their website – a blog spot in Chinese to inform people from Germany about their news, but it was last updated in 2010. The dishes and the design haven’t changed much as I often see those same artworks on their wall. The style, the type font, the colours and the photo are the same.

So, Beef House is excellent for its beef noodle soup. The rest of the food tastes terrific too, but nothing compared to the beef noodles.

And I have to warn you: the service there is quite terrible. But the food is so delicious that you’ll love it and ask for more.

Manti and Gözleme at Gözleme

So, the best way to describe what is manti is to say: “It is like a Turkish cappelletti, but instead of in brodo, it is served in a delicious yogurt and garlic sauce.” Did this make sense to you?

We have a whole post dedicated to this hidden gem, check it out. And if you’re still wondering “what the fuck is Manti?”, I guess you just have to go there and see it for yourself.

And manti comes in its vegetarian and meat options so that you can bring your meat-free friends along without a problem.

First of all, remember to order a gözleme for an appetizer. Gözleme is a traditional Turkish cuisine savory pastry. It is made of hand-rolled dough thin leaves that are lightly brushed with butter and eggs. It can be filled with various toppings like spinach or cheese or meat; then it is sealed and cooked over a big round grill called sac.

And the name of this place is Gözleme; I think it is mandatory at least to share one, right?

Kreuzberg Molle at Max und Moritz

The Kreuzberg Molle is an exceptional beer produced by this bar. It is an unfiltered beer with a unique taste. It is so good that drove us many nights, out of the comfort of our house into the cold and dark Berlin, just to drink 2 or 3. Who am I kidding? We drank 5 or 6.

And they have great German food also on their menu but, for us, the star of the show is the Kreuzberg Molle. Besides, you can only find it there or in another place nearby. The food there is exquisite too! As a result, you should head there for the beer and stay longer for the food.

The best drinks in Berlin in a 60s vibe

First of all, Konrad Tönz is a time travel experience with a big plus: they have the best bartender in the city. This list is Eat Berlin, but we can’t have only food; we need to add alcohol. And not only beer.

And the menu is divided by what is the primary alcohol of your choice and what they have goes from the basic gin&tonic all the way to an incredible Blood & Sand cocktail.

It is just a few steps away from Görlitzer Park on Falkenstrasse, and once you pass the metal door, be prepared to get yourself emerged into the 60s/70s madness. This place is a must-go, from original and amazing wallpapers to kitsch decorations, including a furry poodle table lamp and many record players!

And please pay attention to the bathroom over there: it is the cutest flower wallpaper I’ve ever seen. Especially the one in the boy’s room, ok?

Eat Berlin list has ended and we hope you enjoyed

And if you want to have more options, I strongly suggest taking a look at blogs like Stil in Berlin and Berlin Food Stories. They have fantastic suggestions for all tastes and budgets. We also have a tag here on the blog with many other options for food and drinks for all sizes of wallets. The posts may be about something else but inside you’ll find a bar or a restaurant recommendation for sure.

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