Europa Center is a shopping mall built in Berlin in 1965. Located next to Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, this building would become a symbol of West-Berlin and its history.

Europa Center in the 60s in West-Berlin from a postcard

Europa Center in the 60s in West-Berlin from a postcard

What is the Europa Center?

Located on the Breitscheidplatz, Europa Center opened its doors in April 1965, a little over 4 years after the city was split by the Berlin Wall. The building was based on american shopping malls and once you enter it, you feel like you are on a trip back in time.

This happens because the interior decoration of the building used to be cutting edge back when it was built. And it still looks like that for some people like us. We love the old school visuals and we hope it doesn’t change at all in the upcoming future.

If you want to do something different around the building, you need to check out Puro Sky Lounge on the top floor. The views of the city are amazing and you can relax while you have a beer.

via Flickr: hansaviertel’s Photostream

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