Have you ever wondered about the people you see on the subway? Who are these people and where are they going? I’m not sure if this was what Alex Soloviev had in mind when he put together his short movie about Berlin called Everyday Berlin. I’m not sure if this was his idea but it was the first thing that came to my head once I started watching it.

Berlin is a very different city. City with special spirit of freedom and lightness. In this short I tried to tell how I see everyday Berlin with berliners, sounds and tourists.

Everyday Berlin is a short film made of a series of fleeting moments that give an impression of how life is in Berlin. That day to day life that you can only feel after being in a place for a while. Sometimes it feels more like a visual poem to a city that I love. Sometimes it feels like a window to a life that I will never be able to see for myself. I don’t know for sure but I really like the style, the visual and the storytelling and I wish I could cut something like this.

Even though Alex Soloviev movie is focused on people and their lives, he shows a lot of Berlin on it. Some familiar sights like the amazing Museum Island and Scholß Charlottenburg appear and make you fall in love with Berlin a little bit more. There is even a small piece of Wrinkles of the City from JR in a street in Mitte!

If you liked the movie here, you need to know that Alex Soloviev didn’t stop with Everyday Berlin. On his vimeo channel you can see his impressions of other cities like Paris, Vienna, Nice, Crete and many more.

Everyday Berlin by Alex Soloviev

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