A Guide to Exploring Europe in Style

Exploring Europe gives travelers a unique experience. Its monuments tell the story of each country’s history and the breathtaking views to showcase their beauty; the diverse cultures make Europe an exciting place to visit. It is not only the perfect place to go wild, but it is also one of the best places to travel in style.

Luxury Accommodation in Sicily

Your accommodation is one of the things that can greatly affect your trip. Selecting luxury accommodation can definitely make your European experience even more special.

One of the best places in Europe where you can try luxury living is in Italy, particularly in Sicily. Sicily offers some high-end accommodation and in this link, you will see only the best of the best. Hotels and resorts that were made to provide their guests with the best comfort and beautiful views. Whether you want to be situated on the coast, near the cities, or in the country, a wide selection of luxury options are available.


Despite being a tiny city-state, Monaco is packed with several glamorous bars with great
hospitality. The world-famous Monte Carlo is also situated in this small city, which is filled with high-rise hotels, apartments, and super yachts.
No visit to Monaco would be complete without seeing the royal palace, which is found at the Le Rocher. This charming old town juts out the southern side of the city’s port, revealing the place’s stunning architecture and a cliff-top location that offers breathtaking views.




Florence, Italy

To indeed visit Europe in style, Florence, one of the greatest art cities, is a must-see.
Michelangelo’s David, Leonardo da Vinci, Giotto’s frescoes and several other greats can be
found in the Uffizi Gallery.
Florence is dominated by so much art and architecture that it can be hard to know where to
begin. Aside from the art, this city also offers an exciting and vibrant nightlife which is far
different from the classic and contemporary art experience you get during the day.

Paris, France

No stylish visit to Europe will ever be complete without visiting Paris. Its famous monuments and golden stone facade make it one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The best thing about this city is that, aside from its large tourist population, it is also filled with many locals that can make you feel like a Parisian yourself. Behind all the grandiose, Paris is also full of quaint gardens, walkways, and courtyards, ensuring a full exposure to the culture.
Hotels and full flats can be found at a variety of prices and areas. Just visit some of our content about the city and figure out what are your areas of interest, we can guarantee that at least the food will be superb regardless of where you choose.

St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia

St. Petersburg is a popular destination to travel to in order to experience art and culture. Visiting the Hermitage Museum will allow you to discover everything from Picasso to ancient Egyptian mummies.

If you want to see internationally famous Russian art, the Russian Museum is the place you are looking for. Cap off this art and culture experience by taking the chance to witness world-class classical concerts, opera and ballet in the city’s performance halls. May and mid-June are the best times to visit the city if you want to witness performing arts festivals with the entire city partying all night. The place can get pretty crowded, but it doesn’t make the city any less beautiful.

To fully immerse yourself in the culture, the best thing to do is to take a tour around Russia. Moscow is another gem of Russia; it used to be a humble town, but today, it has become the ‘New York City of Russia’. The heart of the city is packed with the wealthy elite, and just like NYC, it is a city that never sleeps. It is filled with nightspots, heavy traffic, designer shops, the incredible subway stations, and lots of scrumptious cuisine. The center of the city can be explored on foot and Moscow has also preserved its historical sites, such as Lenin’s Mausoleum, the VDNK and the old Muscovy.