Fat Bob Burger for #52weeksofBurgers

Delicious burgers in Poznan
This week Fotostrasse leaves Berlin for the #52weeksofburgers challenge and explores Poland in the lovely city of Poznań. Since we cannot miss the chance to taste a different view on burgers, we looked for one that seemed kind enough and found Fat Bob Burger.

The place is big and nicely decorated, but I think we wronged ourselves by going there on a Friday evening. The place was busy, and since we were six people, it was a bit annoying to find a nice table. They offer menus in English if you are not a Polish speaker.

Felipe ordered the FBB Cow (Zł 23) with 200gr patty, 100gr of spiced brisket, onion rings, pickles, salsa, and their homemade relish. The burger was very juicy, but we felt like something was missing flavor-wise. The two types of meat end up being a bit redundant, it is an excellent burger but nothing too special.

I ordered the FBB Mushroom (Zł 19) with 200gr patty, roasted mushrooms, smoked cheese, caramelized onions, and mushroom mayo. This was everything I always wanted when ordering something that had mushroom in their name, it was incredibly intensely mushroom flavored, and the onions and cheese balanced and complimented it perfectly. The meat and the bread are fantastic quality, super fresh, and tasty.

We also got the Homemade Chips with Cheese Sauce (Zł 10) which for some with us were a bit of a bummer. Since these are literal chips (thin round slices) and not french fries, and the Sweet Potato Fries (Zł 7) with Truffle Mayo on the side (Zł 3) and these were simply awesome, the chips were perfect and the sauce is fantastic. They only sell soft drinks (around Zł 4).

The real problem, though, was how long it took us to get our food; one hour after we ordered. They seemed to be a bit understaffed, so I would only recommend going there on a quieter moment (definitely not a Friday night). But overall, the food was excellent quality and quite tasty, we rate it an 8/10.

Fat Bob Burger



21, Kramarska, 61-765
Poznań, Poland

Price Range?

The FBB Mushroom was Zł 19,00 (around €4,44), the Sweet Potato Fries were Zł 7,00 (about €1,64), and the soft drinks were Zł 4,00 (about €0,93).

Who will like this place?

If you want a very good and cheap burger around Poznań, this might be for you. Keep in mind we waited an hour for our burgers on a Friday night, so you might want to visit in a more quiet moment of the day.

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