When we moved to Berlin, swimming in the Spree was not part of our plans. But, things could change in the near future and we are not talking about the Badeschiff. We are talking about swimming in the Spree. More precisely, we are talking about swimming in the Spree right where the Museum Island is.

Now, you must be wondering how can this be possible. The project is called Flussbad Berlin and the idea is pretty simple. The designers behind this project want to reanimate the side-canal of the river Spree, between Schlossplatz and Bode-Museum, one of Berlin’s biggest underused brownfield areas in the heart of the city. They want to turn this part of the Spree into a huge natural swimming pool.

Flussbad Berlin 02

What will be the Flussbad Berlin?

This urban heaven would be a little bigger than fifteen Olympic swimming pools that would be fed by river water flowing through 780 meters of a reed bed filtration system. If this project comes out of the paper, you could reach the water just by jumping from one of the bridges. Or, if you are more polite, walk down one of the stairs around the area.

Can you imagine swimming in the most exciting pool in the world? Flussbad Berlin would be a 750 meters ride along the Unesco World Heritage Site of the Museum Island. From the upcoming Humboldt-Forum via the Lustgarten to the tip of the Museum Island at the historic Bode-Museum. You could be swimming there in a few years. We know it sounds really crazy but it can be done and the people behind it, want to turn this plan into reality.

Flussbad Berlin 03Flussbad Berlin 04

When the Spree was closed to swimming back in 1925, more than 30 public bath houses were places along Berlin’s main river. And the Flussbad Berlin wants a re-evaluation of the Spree’s importance to the city. They want to renew the relationship between Berlin and the Spree and turn the river into a sustainable, integrative, and considerate urban development. At the same time, the project would put an end to the nonsense of having an unused waterway in the middle of the city. A new Kupfergraben could be developed, creating a link between the historic city and the living present.

Flussbad Berlin

Flussbad Berlin 05

We don’t know if the Flussbad Berlin will, one day, become true. All we know is that it would be indescribable to be able to swim right next to the Museum Island and we would love to be able to do this in the coming future.

What do you think about having another awesome option to add to the pool of “What to do in Berlin today?”?

If you want to know more about the Flussbad Berlin, you can visit their website here and here.