Foursquare can be a really great tool for finding great places around you. The problem is that people have an issue going over check ins and mayorships. My experience analyzing how people around me use the service is always made of useless check ins for no specific reason. Once you go over that, Foursquare becomes a great tool. That is why Fotostrasse has a page there right now. A Foursquare for Fotostrasse

A Foursquare page for Fotostrasse, but why?

The idea of creating a Foursquare page came from the experience of visiting Berlin for the first time back in 2011. Since i knew i was about to use my phone as the main tool for finding where i was and what should i do there, i filled it with all the interesting travel apps and guides i could find. But i never used them. Mostly because they always advise you to do the same thing over and over again. Foursquare is different when it comes to tips and advice about where you should go. Since the content is created by regular people, it has no bias and you don’t need to do positive reviews just because the place was kind of nice. Normally, what you read on Foursquare tips is exactly what the place is all about. And that is why i love it.

A Foursquare for Fotostrasse

Foursquare is the ultimate travel app

The Fotostrasse page on Foursquare is an evolution of my own private lists of places i like to go and that i think more people should know. That is why i decided to create it and that is why i think you should follow us there. It is better to post our tips where people will see when they are looking for that special coffee place. And it is slowly becoming our go to place to post fast tips about places we just discovered. Posting there is fast and easy, making it easier to update than here. Right now, there are a few lists being put together. You can follow the Best Place for Burgers in Berlin and the Our Favorite Places in Neukölln. More lists will be available soon so follow Fotostrasse on Foursquare and enjoy our tips!

A Foursquare for Fotostrasse