Berlin is a great multicultural city filled with great art, history and culture. But there’s one thing that Berlin lacks: free wifi. It is almost unimaginable that a city as important as Berlin, the capital of the strongest economy in EU, offers almost none options to visitors, right?

Like, come on, the city is allegedly the Silicon Allee and tourists and freelances suffers from the lack of free options when it comes to find a spot for checking your mail or find out where that place is or some random everyday life event such as those. Free wifi in Berlin is as rare as water in the desert for some poor souls.

Because of that, we created a while ago a list of places with free wifi in Neukölln, remember? Now it is time for a new list: Free wifi in Mitte.

I will give you some options divided in categories like co-working spaces, cafes and bars. Hope you find this useful on your next trip to Berlin or tomorrow, when you decide that you’ll work from somewhere else than you home – does not matter which profile are you, what matter is that you find the free internet we are all desperate for.

Free wifi in Berlin: Coworking spaces in Mitte

There are a lot of Coworking spaces in Mitte and below you can see some of them that have great free wifi for all.

St. Oberholz in Rosenthaler Platz

Café Sankt Oberholz

The first and most obvious choice of course it is St. Oberholz in Rosenthaler Platz. The place is great, location is perfect but you’ll be a bit bored and annoyed by the amount of trying too hard hipster people. But regardless of how crowded this place can get, has one of the best internet speed. You can find them on Rosenthaler Str. 72A. And don’t forget that this place used to be a Burger King until a few years ago.

The Digital Eatery

The second option here, I gotta say that it is somewhere between a coffee shot and a space to work. It does not hold the title of co-working space per se, but they have free PCs for you to use, so I consider this place more than just a coffee shop. This place is a mix between a show room for Microsoft and a place for great coffee and food. Anyways, you can find The Digital Eatery at Unter den Linden 17.

Free wifi in Berlin with great coffee

First of all, I’ll start with my favorite coffee in Mitte, you can go there and just order a espresso (the only REAL coffee) and you’ll not be disappointed, I promise.

Oslo Kaffeebar

The name you’ll be looking for is Oslo Kaffeebar and the address is Eichendorffstraße 13. Please don’t mind the outdated blog post, for some reason I find more sites with 1 or 2 years ago updates than currently info on the Berlin’s website lists. I think maybe is a German thing. #justkidding

Cafe Galão

If you’re in love with Portuguese food like we are, Cafe Galão on Weinbergsweg 8 is the place for you. The internet is reasonable and they have some of the best pasteis de nata and torta mista in the city! IMG_0130.JPG

And if you don’t know what a pastel de nata is, do yourself a favor and go there just for this! You can thank me later on our facebook group.

Distrikt Coffee

Distrikt Coffee is a great place on Bergstraße 68 with a strong espresso, friendly staff (rare thing in Berlin) and very pretty and colorful options for food.

BEN RAHIM Speciality Coffe

BEN RAHIM Speciality Coffe has an awesome coffee karte as the name suggests. For all the coffee connoisseurs, this place serves the almighty Square Mile coffee from London and others and also holds some of the best and most delicious teas in Berlin.

This tiny spot on Hackeschen Höfe is a great place to drink a great coffee, check some stuff online and watch the people come and go.

Factory Girl

If you start your work day early, this place is for you. One of the most complete and tasty breakfast options in the region, Factory Girl is by far the best option if you are hungry in the morning.

The place is full of outlets, so you can bring your laptop, free infusion water (2 out of 3 times I went there, I saw it with mint) and a cozy ambiance that is unforgettable. A great breakfast and free wifi in Berlin: what a great combo.

Factory Girl is at Auguststr. 29C.

Espresso Ambulanz

espresso ambulanz - should be mandantory in every town districtThe second on this ling list of free wifi in Berlin is the lovely Espresso Ambulanz on Oranienburger Str. 51. A lovely and cozy space with great coffee, tables outside and free w-lan for its costumers.

Free wifi in Berlin with beer

Sometimes, we need more than coffee and for these moments, we like some beer. Since we know a lot of people think like us on this, we had to add a place for wifi and beer.

Free Wifi at Kaschk

brought back inspiration

This last item on this list has an eclectic selection of Scandinavian and local craft beer + great coffee + free wifi. Don’t forget to go Downstairs at Kaschk so you can play shuffleboard with your friends! Isn’t that great?

We went there back in February and we’re totally in love with the space. The whole building has a great architecture and the staff is really nice. Here’s a small clip from our shuffleboard game:

Shuffleboard at Kaschk!!!!

“Shuffleboard at Kaschk!!!!”

Kaschk is at Linienstr. 40, in front of the U-Bahn at Rosa Luxemburg Platz.

All those places and much more are on our foursquare list: Free wifi and great coffee. Follow us there or just save this post as a favorite so you can have all those options whenever you need.

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