Most people don’t have a clue about what GEMA is and how shitty is to find a good and free internet connection in Germany’s Hauptstadt. Berlin is far behind New York, São Paulo and other major cities when it comes to free wifi for the public.

But here you will find 5 great locations to find your free wifi in Neukölln. And they all open on Sundays, so you can come and enjoy a coffee even on Berlin’s most boring day of the week.

But if what you’re looking is free wifi in places outside Neukölln, check out our list on foursquare here: Free WiFi and Great Coffee in Berlin.

We’re also very open to contributions, so if you know a place and want to include it on this list, please, send your tips to us on the comments below.

Two and Two

Like we already said here and on our twitter several times, Two & Two has the-best-chocolate-cake-ever. Besides that, they have this amazing coffee called Noisette, that means hazelnut in French, but for some reason it’s your regular espresso with a creamy foam that OMG. This a photo of my usual order at Two and Two.

two and two free wifi in berlin

And, of course, they have free wifi. You just need to make a quick registration on the hot spot and you’re good to go.

You’ll often will find me working from there on week days if you go. It’s my favorite place to work in Berlin.

free wifi in berlin two&two

Cafe List

Cafe List is a great place in Weichselstr and Donaustrasse with places to sit outside and a vast menu of coffee choices and delicious cakes in a cup. They serve drinks and beer if you’re now in a mood for plain coffee with your free wifi.

This photo is from their carrot cake that is just mouth watering.

cafe list free wifi in berlin

Café Selig

Café Selig is the café place in the middle of Herrfurthplatz in Neukölln. Walking distance from Tempelhof (read about it here: Our Favorite Parks in Berlin) and from the U8 Boddinstrasse.

They have a great view and since is quiet, it’s one of the perfect places inside Schillerkiez to have your coffee and do your online stuff in peace.

 cafe selig free wifi in berlin

Schiller Bar

Schiller Bar has brunch, they have great coffee, they have awesome food and delicious drinks. Besides that they offer you free wifi. Great environment for young people looking for cool places to hang out. On the summer time is specially relaxing to sit outside and enjoy the sun.

free wifi in berlin schiller bar


Located really close to Boddinstrasse U8, Laidak is a bar and coffee place but they serve food too. All that with a lot of books and events happening. Last time I was there I’ve tried the quiche for the first time and approved. Great taste and awesome price. Go for it!

When the weather is good, you can sit outside or even on the platz in front of it and the wifi will work. You can even browse in the sun!

free wifi in berlin laidak
free wifi in berlin laidak

Bonus: Free Wifi in Berlin without coffee

Did you know that Neukölln Arcaden, the shopping mall right in front of U7’s Rathaus Neukölln has free internet inside and, even though that stores are not open on a Sunday, you can still go there and access their wifi? So in a moment of despair, you can always check your email over there.

free wifi in berlin neukölln arcaden

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